Autumn-Winter 2017: The Best of the Rest

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  1. I like the current trend a lot of designers are going for: combining sporty with romantic. Fendi did it {as I’ve been saying too many times} and here’s Jeremy Scott’s take on it with a ruffled lavender tracksuit. I guess this style appeals to me as, despite what I blog about, I’m not a very frilly dresser. Being able to pair the athleisure style that I actually dress in with the very feminine items I adore is what I strive for.
  2. This is one item I fear the fashion critics are all going to hate, and of course that {almost} always means I will love it. Mink-lined crocs! Christopher Kane has managed to take the most unfashionable item (crocs) and make them stylish.
  3. Prada is making a fun twist and copying their own current design, the Cahier bag, and turning it in to a woven trompe l’oeil pattern instead, in velvet! I like it!
  4. I loved the puffy nylon Coco Cocoon bags {again an item very unpopular among those in the know} when they were released, so I’m glad to see that Chanel are making something similar for this autumn. Although I doubt it will probably ever come in to my possession, as Chanel’s designs cost an arm and a leg… and a kidney too!
  5. I desperately want to like Maria Grazia Chiuri’s take on Dior–sadly it’s not going very well so far. What I do like though, is her choice of rustling fabrics and the combination of black and dark blues.
  6. The return of the Dior monogram fabric is also very much appreciated, although I wish there were less studs and embellishments on the bags. We’ll get there, I know it!
  7. And then there is Fendi, whose spring-summer collection I have been going on and on about. This won’t be very likely with the autumn-winter collection, as the only thing I liked was the continuation of the Kan I bag, in the classic Fendi Zucca print, in velvet!

  1. I’m also happy to see that Jeremy Scott’s faux fur fox stoles are making a comeback for autumn, in a revised edition. He has had faux fur fox stoles and faux fur monster stoles in his collections before, and I have always missed out on them… maybe this is my chance!
  2. Chanel’s space themed autumn-winter collection is filled with sparkly winter knits, and these arm warmers look cosy yet stylish for the colder season. A pair is definitely on my wishlist, but not from Chanel {it’s the an arm and a leg thing again} but luckily I have a knit-inator for a mother, so maybe she can be pursuaded to make me a pair. I also adore the new bag design, the Gabrielle, from Chanel.
    It has a rather classig look with fun contemporary twists, such as the gold and silver metal hardware.
  3. Dolce & Gabbana get an honourable mention and a standing ovation not only because they still insist on the pyjama trend {yay!} but also because they rocked the runway with their models, or rather non-models, as bloggers, customers, artists and other D&G fans of all shapes and sizes walked the catwalk instead of the usual fashion models.
  4. On another note: Yeezy is determined to bring back the velour, and no-one is happier than I.
  5. I also really like Dolce & Gabbana’s new bag, simply because among the scribbles on it you can read: “All I need is love and WI-FI”. Truer words have never been spoken!
  6. The return of Kenzo’s puffy quilted Kalifornia bag makes me happy! Something similar has been in their collections before {but with a bit of faux(?) fur on it} but could I never found it in the shops, so this one is most certainly on my wishlist. Perhaps not in this colour though.
  7. Anya Hindmarch’s collection was a bit odd–apparently it was inspired by Scandinavian style, although I can’t quite recognise such a thing in it. Her paperchain style bag straps, in sparkly metallic leather, are really fun and would add a colourful twist to any bag.

I’d love to hear which your favourites from the autumn-winter collections were. Please tell me about them in the comments!

*Photo credits || (Jeremy Scott Look 30), (Christopher Kane Look 18), (Prada Details 97), (Chanel Details 96), (Dior Look 68), (Dior Details 22), (Fendi Details 52) | (Jeremy Scott Look 29), (Chanel Details 57), (Dolce & Gabbana Look 108), (Yeezy Look 20), (Dolce & Gabbana Details 27), (Kenzo Look 17), Anya Hindmarch (Autumn-Winter 2017 Behind the Runway 6)

March 16, 2017
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