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Fr. Brocante f ‎(plural brocantes)

  1. flea market; bric-à-brac market
  2. car boot sale; jumble sale

Fr. Boudoir m ‎(plural boudoirs)

  1. A woman’s private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom.

Brocante chic is the more colourful cousin to shabby chic; personally I’m not a big fan of the worn and scratched look that they both feature, but I do like the idea of combining many colourful and somewhat (ok, I have managed a colour theme for my dream room) mismatching items, creating a cosy thrifted sort of style. I’d like to pair it with luxe and glamour, think Dita Von Teese’s bedroom or rather boudoir!

I absolutely adore the idea of finding art in fashion and framing a (vintage) silk scarf as wall decoration. Unlike Dita not all of us have a designated dressing room, so clothes and accessories tend to end up in the bedroom, sometimes lying out and about just so we can admire how pretty they are… or maybe that’s just me, who likes to wake up to the sight of pretty bags.
See also: How to Frame a Silk Scarf: Five Different Options and New: Silk Scarf Framing.

The pendant lamp is by a Swedish designer and costs an arm and a leg considering that is just some fabric and a wire frame, although it is in it’s simplicity very pretty; as well as a fantastic DIY idea!
DIY: Tulle pendant lamp

I’m not completely opposed to vintage, just the {too} worn and scratched, and the violet tray is beautiful. I’d use it to keep dainty perfume bottles. Things with violet prints are hard to come by these days, at least I find it so and especially when it comes to new things.

I’ve shown you the Kate Spade chest before, but it is too gorgeous to not include a second time. I swear it’s all in the bow detail!

Have you seen Liberty of Londons Flowers of Liberty homeware and accessories collection? It’s very darling and includes everything from jewellery boxes to colouring books, from scented candles to radios, from suitcases to tea towels, from bracelets to trowels(!)… you get the picture, right? It comes in three classic Liberty prints: Betsy (my favourite, the purple floral one), Theodora (meadow flowers), and Wiltshire (berries).

If you have taken a look at my About Me page you probably have noticed that I have a thing for velour and velvet, truth be told both when it comes to couture and interior decorating, so my fancy for the velvet furniture and pillows might not be very surprising. I am positively smitten with the velvet bedframe from Anthropologie and heartbroken that nothing of the sort is available here in Sweden! The sweet dreams I’d dream sleeping in a bed like that, especially if I’d be sleeping on the D. Porthault bedding; for those who don’t know it’s the Hermès (or Rolls Royce) of bedding, and I can not help but to wonder if one actually sleeps better on a €2526 set than on a €43 one, I figure one really must! ;P

So here you are: my pulchritudinous dream bedroom. Florals and velvet, vintage and glamour.

January 28, 2016
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