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Puffin Perfect Outfit

Lindybop Hillary Tea Dress (Plus Size) | Monki Pompom Beret | Fendi Kan I Bag | Evans Velour Hoodie (Plus Size) | Erstwilder Ollie the Brave Brooch | Emily Temple Cute Glitter Ballet Shoes

A puffin print dress! How awesomely adorable is that?! I knew the moment I saw it that I just had to create an outfit around it. A stylish retro lady with a Little Miss Quirky-twist. For those who prefer a more classic {if an outfit featuring a puffin print dress could ever be called that} retro/otome approach the velour hoodie can easily be replaced with a cute cardigan, but I’m sticking to ‘classic’ Little Miss Quirky-style and and going with the velour. As the weather is not warm enough yet {unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere it’s summer in February} to allow for bare legs a pair of pretty tights will complete the look.

February 16, 2017

Little Rabbit’s Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous Coord

Katie Confetti Cutie Multicolour Polkadot Blouse | Christopher Kane Pansy Bag | Q-Pot Chocolate Bunny Bag Charm | BtSSBLittle Rabbit’s Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous Dress | Q-Pot Bunny Ring | Emily Temple Cute Glitter Shoes | Angelic Pretty Petit Garden Crew Socks

Baby the Stars Shine Bright finally released a pansy print, as always with a name that’s quite a mouthful: Little Rabbit’s Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous! It was part of their Lucky Pack offerings this season and guess who mailed her favourite shopping service faster than you could say the name of the print?! Me, that’s who! :) It came in two colourways: mint and pink; and those of you who have been with me for a while know pink is out of the question, so mint it was. Now I am faced with the fun and somewhat tricky task of trying to coord it. Designer Christopher Kane released a gorgeous pansy bag for his resort collection and it would be an absolute dream pairing it with this dress, event though it means I’d have to go for some bolder pink(!) accents, however the bag costs an arm and a leg so it’s a pairing that’ll never get further than my dreams and the above collage.

January 26, 2017

Violet Prints {Part 2}

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Innocent World Antique Violet | Enchantic Enchantilly | Triple Fortune Victorian Violet | Baby the Stars Shine Bright Happy Easter〜Easter Bunny’s Spring Garden〜

As I previously told you, in my post about Violets & Pansies, Baby the Stars Shine Bright had yet to release a violet print, but as it is said: ask and you shall recieve! Ok, so it’s really an Easter style print but it features enough violets to be considered a violet-print in my book. It comes in four colours (pink, yellow, mint and lavender) and features a {borderless} skirt (seen above), a one piece, and no less than three different style JSKs. There are also {far too} many head dresses to choose from as well as matching socks and jewellery.

Innocent World have with their latest creation now claimed the current record (currently three) in the number of violet & pansy themed Lolita prints released, called Antique Violet. It comes three different style JSKs, one of which actually is available in two different sizes! Medium and Large (Japanese sizing) – which is noteworthy as Lolita clothing tends to come in one size (Japanese Medium) only. There are also a tassel barrette, a regular bow barrette, and a pair of matching stockings – all of which, save for the tassel barrette, comes in three different colourways: purple, pink, and blue.

Another lovely current violet print comes from Triple Fortune, who are more known for their bonnets than clothes. They have previosly released a floral embellished skirt emblazoned with what was supposed to be violets (according to the name), but rather lilacs! As far as I can tell the only item in the print series Victorian Violet is a skirt in a lavender colourway, but it is pretty enough!

Yet one more fun suprise are the socks from Enchantic Enchantilly (another Japanese Lolita brand) in black and ivory with a violet and cutlery lattice on one side and violets and bows on the other. Sadly there are only socks and not a real print on actual clothes.

Finally there are some more dainty violet designs on offer, although that doesn’t mean that I am not still waiting for Metamorphose to show their talents with violets or pansies, or both!

(The Usakumya, “bear-bunny”, drawing at the top belongs to Baby the Stars Shine Bright.)

March 6, 2016

Creamy Cookie Coord

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Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty Cookie Button Wrist Cuffs | Dress: Angelic Pretty Cream Cookie Collection High Waist JSK | Necklace: Q-pot | Ring: Q-pot Round Milk Biscuit Ring | Beret: Emily Temple Cute | OTKs: Mu-Fish | Hair Bow: Angelic Pretty Wrapping Stripe Barrette | Hair Bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kumya-chan’s Sugar Baby Icing Cookie Ribbon Barrette | Shoes: Emily Temple Cute Glitter ballet Shoes

Wear all the cookies, and then some! I adore cookie prints {not as much as violet prints though} when it comes to Lolita fashion and the one above ended up in my collection, despite being a whole lot lighter in colour than I usually go for. Most of the things are sold out, but if you’re willing to give second hand a try they can certainly be found here and there (on Lacemarket and Closet Child and the likes of those)!

Cookie prints? Delicious or leave them to the Cookie Monster?

February 10, 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Splendette Glitter Bracelets | Fendi Bag Bug | Dolce & Gabbana Daisy Card Holder | Christian Louboutin Gondolastrass | Mulberry Mini Cara Delevigne Bag | Apple iPhone 6 | Angelic Pretty Party Glitter Shoes

I don’t know if I’ve been good enough for Santa this year, but I’m hoping that he’ll have some mercy towards my faults and mishaps and grant me something from my wishlist.

Have a Lovely and Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2015

Sorbet Lolita

Dress, barette and hair comb(s): Angelic Pretty | Necklace, rings (1,2), bracelet and clutch bag: Q-pot | Shoes: Ida by Bait

I adore a multitude of styles, Lolita only being one of many, and so I have been searching for ways to combine them, which isn’t always an easy task. Above is a dream outfit of mine, where I hope I have managed to come up with a summery sorbet-coloured 50s retro look Lolita theme. Lolita fashion is rather 50s inspired to begin with, drawing inspiration from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which was released in 1951 – hence Alice’s 50s style dress. :)

When Angelic Pretty released their Sugary Gingham print the first time I was quite indifferent about it but as they have re-released it again and then once more, a third time, it has really grown on me… and now, of course, I am kicking myself for not getting it while it was available. Gingham is a very versatile print and can be included in many styles. I can only hope they’ll release the print again – finding it second hand seems rather impossible – and then I can perhaps get my little hands on it.

The Ida shoes from Bait have been on my wishlist for quite some time – they are a favourite among the retro fashion loving bloggers (1, 2, 3); but I have yet to buy a pair, could I only decide on a colour! When I think I’ve managed to pick one, they release another pretty hue and my selection process starts all over again. The Ida shoes are a great choice if you want to retro-fy (is that even a word?) an outfit as is choosing a fascinator (over the customary Lolita bows) as I have tried to illustrate above… though it does quite look like a pancake. :/

As for the Q-Pot accessories: were I a rich woman they’d all be mine but they are all very pricey and in this case beggars have to be choosers. The bracelet looks delicious and the clutch bag is so cute – albeit it looks rather unpractical, but what I would like, perhaps the most, from above is the bag charm/key chain version of the necklace… that said I wish the entire outfit was mine, including the imaginary headwear, but summer’s almost over and there is a whole year to try accumulating the things needed to recreate this outfit for next summer.

Do you combine different styles? Or is that a definite no-no?

August 17, 2015

Violets & Pansies

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Leur Getter

Many interested in Lolita (and Otome) fashion have a favourite style, colour, or even type of print! Bunnies, cakes, carousels, cats, celestial things (clouds, rainbows, stars), cherries, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, strawberries, and teddybears are some of the most popular — for me it’s violets (and pansies)! Ok, and cookies… fine, and chocolate too! But mostly violets and pansies, which are rare to find.

Leur Getter (pictures above) is a rather new brand, started in 2012 (I believe) by a former designer for Emily Temple Cute, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing one pansy print and two violet prints already, along with some pansy necklaces and hairpins, and a hat with a big bunch of violets on it (see second picture below). I really adore the two violet prints but have yet to get one.

Lois Crayon | Milk Pansy Cat | Emily Temple Cute Pansy Ribbon | Shirley Temple | Innocent World Antique Pansy

Lois Crayon used to be an otome brand, just like Jane Marple, but have geared towards a more trendy casual style lately, in my opinion. Some years ago they released lovely skirts and dresses featuring violets — every now and then you can find items on the Japanese auction sites.

This spring Milk released a pansy-themed retro-looking collection (wrapdresses!) in the softest pastel colours but what stopped me from going completely bananas over this was the fact that there are cats peeking out from the pansies. I don’t like cats. :( The accessories though (see picture below) are dainty and sweet.

Emily Temple Cute have released (first in 2012) and re-released their Pansy Ribbon print at least twice (it’s currently available again), in different dress models each time, sometimes along with jewellery (see below) and sometimes not. This spring they also revealed their Tea Bunnylabel collection (see picture below), which (yes) does indeed feature violets, and I have been on the fence whether to get it or not ever since. I mean tea and violets! And I have yet to own something from ETC. I think I’ve just enabled myself here…

There were also a violet-themed print Emily Temple Cute’s (baby) sister brand Shirley Temple, which sometimes turn up on the Japanese auction sites too, but I am unsure of the sizing since Shirley Temple caters towards children whereas ETC comes in sizes for (medium sized, I presume) people at a height between 150-160cm. Very confusing really! The skirt is cute though.

Lolita label Innocent World have had a go at both a pansy-print and then later a violet one. Antique Pansy came back in 2010 but has never been on my wishlist as it is a bit too classic and muted for me; but when their Violets Inside Mansions (see picture below) came out in 2013 I didn’t even hesitate! They even made a longer length OP dress, which was quite unique. The only thing that puzzles me, about the print, is that the violets are neither blueish nor purple but a rather reddish-mauve (they are, atleast, on my black dress though). Hmm.

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet | Hairpin: Milk | Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy | Emily Temple Cute Tea Bunnylabel | Necklace: Emily Temple Cute | Hat: Leur Getter | Choker: Milk | Innocent World Violets Inside Mansions

Last, but definetly not least, we come to Angelic Pretty, with whose Sugar Pansy print (released in 2011) my interest in Lolita fashion began. I was only going to buy something (preferably the skirt) in lavender and that would be it with ridiculously expensive clothes from Japan! Hah, little did I know that would only be the start of this lovable lunacy — as I suspect is something many into the fashion will agree to. Eventually I did find the skirt but not the matching accessories, which by then had been added to my wishlist – because you know, you can’t really have less than a full set! ;) Now, several years later, I am still hoping to find the matching OTK socks.

Last year (2014) Angelic Pretty finally released a violet print, Sweetie Violet, which I did in fact go completely bananas over, probably to my shopping service’s dismay as she had to suffer a tsunami of e-mails from me, until everything was finally bought and sent. Even though I made sure to get just about everything, save for the pink items (I don’t like pink either), I still regret not buying something in navy — but at the time I figured it would end up being the most desired colourway and thus quite useless to even ask for… Navy dresses and skirts do, however, end up at second hand sales now and then, so you never know! ^_^

I am only hoping for Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphose to release a violet or pansy print too! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something of the sort among their pretty prints. Come on, what are you waiting for?!

July 14, 2015

Black & Blue Biscuits

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Bolero: Metamorphose | Dress: Leur Getter | Socks: Leur Getter | Necklace: Q-pot | Clutch: Anya Hindmarch | Hair clip: Angelic Pretty | Shoes: Emily Temple Cute | Beret: Q-pot

I don’t usually categorise these posts as a wishlist but this time I’d welcome all the things in to my wardrobe… in less than a heartbeat. It’s the chocolate and biscuit time of year again, as far as Lolita and Otome fashion is concerned that is, and that would be my favourite season as well.

August 28, 2014