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Balenciaga Autumn-Winter 2017

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When Demna Gvasalia first took over Balenciaga I thought his designs were weird and wacky, but now they’re growing on me and I find quite a few items to be weird and wonderful. Just like Gucci it’s all about the details more so than the whole looks, although there are a few fun ones of those too — and some that should perhaps never have left the design studio.

  1. A new striped nylon bag, in the huge size Gvasalia debuted in his first collection for Balenciaga, but also available in smaller sizes with a chain strap (see #3).
  2. Pretty porcelain {could they be cups?} cuffs and sideview mirror shaped clutches.
  3. Vintage florals with futuristic looking lycra sock boots.
  4. A puffy polka dot dress (inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga’s original designs) with a matching oversized Bazar Tote bag.
  5. Tone on tone colours, and more sock boots. I really adore this dress (see top left image) and colour combination.
  6. More oversized puffy nylon sporty duffel bags.
  7. Weird yet pretty heels covered in cotton jersey.

The entire collection is very feminine but still also very simple and contemporary. I don’t know if I’m putting anything Balenciaga on my wishlist for autumn, but I’ll be keeping an eye out when the things are released.

See the entire Balenciaga collection here.

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March 12, 2017

Fendi SS17: The Sweet Dream

Palazzo Fendi | Palazzo Fendi Shop Window | Fendi Ginza | Fendi Galeries Lafayette

You know you’ve got it bad for a fashion collection when you even adore the shop window displays. The little lorry is a Fendi signature display item and it’s colour and decorations changes with the collections; this time it’s covered in pink meringues. The (supersized) paper plate with the bags is one of my favourite items, making the bags appear like sweets on a tray — I’m so borrowing that idea for future photo stylings. There is another very lovely part of Fendi’s current window displays; and that’s the sculptures featured in the shop windows around the world. Let’s take a closer look at those!

The Sweet Dream

Fendi collaborated with German artist Anke Eilergerhard to create the spring/summer window display art installations; in the shape of an exhibition called ‘The Sweet Dream’. Anke Eilergerhard’s main medium to work with is silicone, which she pipes with a pastry bag, making it look as if it was cream or frosting. Combined with pretty porcelain, the futuristic pastry-like sculptures truly fit the techno rococo concept of the spring-summer collection. Below is a video posted by Fendi about the making of the sculptures.

See more here: Fendi | The Sweet Dream

Unfinished Sculpture Detail (Fendi New York) | Sculpture Detail (Fendi Ginza) | Sculpture Detail (Palazzo Fendi) | Bag Display (Fendi Ginza)

?enj?min R?imondi (@benjaminr08)

Fendi Avenue Montaigne, Paris

The Sweet Dream windows will be featured in Fendi Boutiques from Milan to Paris to New York, Rome, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai.

Sculpture Palazzo Fendi | Sculpture Fendi Ginza | Sculpture Fendi Milano | Sculpture Fendi Avenue Montaigne | Sculpture Fendi Isetan Shinjuku | Sculpture Fendi New York

I like the aqua-blue sculpture on display in Fendi Ginza and the pink and aubergine sculpture, to be seen in Fendi Milano, the best. I hope I will have a chance to see the latter before the exhibition “closes” in June, that means when it’s time for the sales and then the autumn-winter displays.

What do you think about the Fendi SS17 art?

March 10, 2017

Gucci Autumn-Winter 2017

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For me it’s all about the details when it comes to Gucci. This maximalist look is a bit too over the top, even for me, but on their own the items are amazing. As a whole the collection reminds me of Fawlty Towers {imagine a modern Sybil Fawlty in one of these outfits}, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and his music video for ‘This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore’ — oh, and botanic drawings of course.

  1. The flowers at the bottom of this dress are absolutely dreamy.
  2. While this three-tier bag is a bit on the weird side I adore the New Flora print on the bottom bag. There simply must be something with New Flora in my future.
  3. Sequin chevron! Doesn’t get more disco sparkly than this.
  4. These Gucci logo socks are on my wishlist for autumn.
  5. That velvet parasol is gorgeous.
  6. Floral prints, floral embroidery, floral everything.
  7. 80s style lace tights in floral{!} booties.

See the entire Gucci collection here.

So socks and something New Flora is what I’m going for. How about you? Did you like Gucci’s collection? Will you be getting anything?

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March 4, 2017

Mulberry Autumn-Winter 2017

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Since sleepwear has been the trend lately it seems only fair that the next step would be towards wearing your quilt! No, that was mean — although the ponchos do resemble vintage eiderdowns a bit, but in a good way. Everything from Mulberry’s autumn-winter collection is oversized and looks very comfortable to wear- Johnny Coca clearly drew inspiration, this time around, from what’s typically British. The clothes are covered in cutesy vintage florals and paired with fluffy knit stockings, creating a very cosy look. The collection probably isn’t for everyone, nor me — not even had I been skinny and rich {and could actually wear the clothes}, but I think it’s a fun and different take on fashion as well as very inspiring colour-wise — finally there’s a designer that dares to use pastels for autumn. And at last there’s lilac in sight! :) The colour has been absent for quite some time on the catwalks.

See the entire Mulberry collection here.

*Photo credits || (Mulberry Look 36), (Mulberry Look 50), (Mulberry Look 25) | (Mulberry Look 19), (Mulberry Look 46), (Mulberry Look 30)

February 28, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Certain as the Sun Rising in the East by Kat Hudson

One of my all-time favourite Disney films is Beauty and the Beast (1991) so perhaps there is no need to say that I am excited for the live-action version coming next month. Fun fact: Did you know that the original story is believed to be more than 4000 years old?!

As the new release approaches, more and more movie themed merchandise is made available — below are some of the things I fancy the most.

Moleskine Limited Edition Rose Notebook | Q-pot Belle Yellow Dress Ring | Disneyland Paris Lumiére Light-Up Figurine | Q-pot Belle Pink Dress Bag Charm | Disney Chip Mug | Disneyland Paris Clocksworth Clock | Samantha Thavasa Beauty and the Beast Wallet

I find the Clocksworth clock very quirky cute and I’d love to have him on display in my living room. I also think the dress-shaped cake bag charm is to die for. Belle’s gorgeous yellow dress has clearly been the inspiration for a lot of the items. Belle yellow should totally be the name of that particular yellow hue, don’t you think?

There are a lot of other cute Beauty and the Beast-themed goodies to be found, such as colouring books (for adults). Are you too hooked on them? If not you really should look in to it — it’s very relaxing and a lot of fun as well.

  1. Beauty and the Beast: Colouring Book and Removable Poster
    ISBN 8854411663
  2. Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity
    ISBN 1484789725
  3. Color the Classics: Beauty and the Beast: A Deeply Romantic Coloring Book
    ISBN 1626923930
  4. The Beauty and the Beast Colouring Book
    ISBN 1509839364

Beauty and the Beast by Joey Chou

There are a number of other cute Beauty and the Beast films to watch while waiting for the coming premiere:

  • Panna a Netvor (1978)
    A dark and fairly true version to Leprince de Beaumont’s original story. In Czech.
  • Beauty and the Beast (2009)
    A cheaply made gore-filled horror story loosely based on the classic. It’s cringeworthily bad and that alone makes it worth watching.
  • Beastly (2011)
    A modern (made for teens) take on the fairy tale, and while the plot of the handsome prince cursed to be a monster is used it’s quite another interpretation of the original.
  • Die Schöne und das Biest (2012)
    A shorter film part of the German mini-series: Märchenperlen. It’s cute and sometimes funny — this one is more of a childrens’/family movie. In German.
  • La Belle et La Bête (2014)
    Definitely made for adults and fairly true to the first written tale. Unfortunately also my least favourite of them all. I just don’t like the great age difference between Beauty and the Beast, though {I believe} that is how it was originally written. In French.
  • Der Prinz im Bärenfell (2015)
    Also a shorter film, part of another recurring German mini-series: 6 auf einen Strech. It’s not actually based on Beauty and the Beast at all, but on one of Hans Christian Andersen’s many fairy tales, which however is a rather similar one to the original French story. In German.

Do you like Beauty and the Beast? If so, which version do you like the best? If not, which is your favourite Disney movie?

February 26, 2017

Sweet Treats

Posted in Couture, Shopping

Sometime ago I wrote about N2 Les Nereides The Candy Store jewellery collection and while I absolutely adored the pieces I never bought anything; as the prices were a bit on the steep side — until now that is. Everything is finally on sale, for more than half off! So I decided to treat myself to some candy critters for my birthday. Unfortunately not all items are in stock any longer and I missed out on my favourite, the “Multi Candies and Big Chain Necklace”. I did, however, manage to get my grabby hands on the “Pink Meringue Long Necklace” and the “Marshmallow and Charms Necklace”, which I will wear together as a tiered necklace.

February 22, 2017

Puffin Perfect Outfit

Lindybop Hillary Tea Dress (Plus Size) | Monki Pompom Beret | Fendi Kan I Bag | Evans Velour Hoodie (Plus Size) | Erstwilder Ollie the Brave Brooch | Emily Temple Cute Glitter Ballet Shoes

A puffin print dress! How awesomely adorable is that?! I knew the moment I saw it that I just had to create an outfit around it. A stylish retro lady with a Little Miss Quirky-twist. For those who prefer a more classic {if an outfit featuring a puffin print dress could ever be called that} retro/otome approach the velour hoodie can easily be replaced with a cute cardigan, but I’m sticking to ‘classic’ Little Miss Quirky-style and and going with the velour. As the weather is not warm enough yet {unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere it’s summer in February} to allow for bare legs a pair of pretty tights will complete the look.

February 16, 2017

Wear Your Heart {Not Only} On Your Sleeve

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Lulu Guiness Heart Coin Purse | Kate Spade Be Mine Heart Locket | Tarina Tarantino Barbie Heart Clips | Fendi Heart Stud Bracelet | Kate Spade Be Mine Strap | Evans Black Heart Print Swing Tunic (Plus Size) | Evans Red Heart Swing Tunic (Plus Size) | Mel by Melissa Black Heart Ballet Flats | Anya Hindmarch Heart Fur Sticker | Fendi Valentine’s Day Bag Charm

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! ❤️️

February 14, 2017

{Lovely Label} Cath Kidston – Early Spring 2017: Pretty Painted Pansies

Large Painted Pansies Umbrella | Pretty Pansies Desktop Notepad | Large Painted Pansies Smart Make-Up Bag | Pretty Pansies Sticky Notes | Large Painted Pansies Mug | Large Painted Pansies Quilted Purse | Large Painted Pansies Embossed Occasion Clutch | Large Painted Pansies Trimmed Tote | Pretty Pansies Chunky Pen | Large Painted Pansies Rubber Watch | Large Painted Pansies Formal Pumps

I really adore Cath Kidston‘s designs and I absolutely love pansies, so I think now it’s finally time for me to make my first purchase from Cath Kidston, don’t you?

February 12, 2017