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Put a Flamingo On It

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Flamingo Breakfast Set | Violet Flamingo Candle | Flamingo Watering Can | Flamingo Hook | Flamingo Jewellery Dish | Flamingo Toilet Brush | Garden Flamingo | Flamingo Cookie Cutter | Flamingo Tape Dispenser | Flamingo Paper Clips | Flamingo Bookstand | Flamingo Light | Flamingo Walldecoration

Everything is better with a flamingo on it, don’t you think?! Instantly more fabulous at least. Above are some of my favourite flamingo-themed everyday things to fancify your home.

March 28, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Certain as the Sun Rising in the East by Kat Hudson

One of my all-time favourite Disney films is Beauty and the Beast (1991) so perhaps there is no need to say that I am excited for the live-action version coming next month. Fun fact: Did you know that the original story is believed to be more than 4000 years old?!

As the new release approaches, more and more movie themed merchandise is made available — below are some of the things I fancy the most.

Moleskine Limited Edition Rose Notebook | Q-pot Belle Yellow Dress Ring | Disneyland Paris Lumiére Light-Up Figurine | Q-pot Belle Pink Dress Bag Charm | Disney Chip Mug | Disneyland Paris Clocksworth Clock | Samantha Thavasa Beauty and the Beast Wallet

I find the Clocksworth clock very quirky cute and I’d love to have him on display in my living room. I also think the dress-shaped cake bag charm is to die for. Belle’s gorgeous yellow dress has clearly been the inspiration for a lot of the items. Belle yellow should totally be the name of that particular yellow hue, don’t you think?

There are a lot of other cute Beauty and the Beast-themed goodies to be found, such as colouring books (for adults). Are you too hooked on them? If not you really should look in to it — it’s very relaxing and a lot of fun as well.

  1. Beauty and the Beast: Colouring Book and Removable Poster
    ISBN 8854411663
  2. Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity
    ISBN 1484789725
  3. Color the Classics: Beauty and the Beast: A Deeply Romantic Coloring Book
    ISBN 1626923930
  4. The Beauty and the Beast Colouring Book
    ISBN 1509839364

Beauty and the Beast by Joey Chou

There are a number of other cute Beauty and the Beast films to watch while waiting for the coming premiere:

  • Panna a Netvor (1978)
    A dark and fairly true version to Leprince de Beaumont’s original story. In Czech.
  • Beauty and the Beast (2009)
    A cheaply made gore-filled horror story loosely based on the classic. It’s cringeworthily bad and that alone makes it worth watching.
  • Beastly (2011)
    A modern (made for teens) take on the fairy tale, and while the plot of the handsome prince cursed to be a monster is used it’s quite another interpretation of the original.
  • Die Schöne und das Biest (2012)
    A shorter film part of the German mini-series: Märchenperlen. It’s cute and sometimes funny — this one is more of a childrens’/family movie. In German.
  • La Belle et La Bête (2014)
    Definitely made for adults and fairly true to the first written tale. Unfortunately also my least favourite of them all. I just don’t like the great age difference between Beauty and the Beast, though {I believe} that is how it was originally written. In French.
  • Der Prinz im Bärenfell (2015)
    Also a shorter film, part of another recurring German mini-series: 6 auf einen Strech. It’s not actually based on Beauty and the Beast at all, but on one of Hans Christian Andersen’s many fairy tales, which however is a rather similar one to the original French story. In German.

Do you like Beauty and the Beast? If so, which version do you like the best? If not, which is your favourite Disney movie?

February 26, 2017

{Lovely Label} Rice – Today Is Fun…

(All pictures from Rice.)

Rice recently released the catalogue for their new Spring Summer 2017 collection called: Today Is Fun… They seem to have abandoned their earlier concept of a specific colour theme for each new collection, but this time around there are quite a lot of green, pink and yellow items – so perhaps there is a little thought behind the colour choices anyway.

Above are some of the things I like the best. Since my new home has a little garden I’m definitely putting the parasol (fun patterned parasols are so hard to find, at least in my neck of the woods) as well as the flower bird bath (though in pink – yes – most flowers in my garden are pink it seems, so this’ll be a fun match) on my wishlist for the warmer season.

My absolute favourite is the coloured kitchen foil! It makes dull kitchen activities a bit more bright and fun, other than that it has no other function than regular aluminum foil, as one would hope considering its higher price. And you know the drill by now: Miss Quirky likes it, Miss Quirky buys it. ;P

See their entire online catalogue here.

February 4, 2017

{Lovely Label} Rice – Put the Extra Into the Ordinary…

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(All pictures from Rice.)

Rice recently released the catalogue for their new Autumn Winter 2016 collection called: Put the Extra Into the Ordinary… And while they don’t really have a specific colour scheme this time, like they did in their previous collections, this one is filled with other cute and quirky additions such as an Eiffel Tower-shaped lamp, vintage style embroidered tablecloths, new pretty prints for their melamine collection, stunning glass vases and my favourite: a Barbola style mirror.

See their entire online catalogue here.

June 10, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I finally got it! A home in the countryside, just like I mentioned back in January, actually in the village that I moved from some years ago, and only two doors down from where I spent my first three years in life. Ooh, the horror — some of you lovely readers might think, but I am pleased as punch that I’m at last where my heart always was. I am trading in (well, selling) my third floor apartment for a slightly bigger townhouse cottage(?) apartment (meaning my own little house although with a wall-to-wall nextdoor neighbour) where I even get a little bit of a garden and a whole lot more peace and quiet. I am positively itching to get moved in and start decorating, but there is a renovation to be done before I can do that, so for now (until the autumn) I’ll have to settle for making plans and collages. {Not that it truly means settling for me as I already have a tendency of massproducing those…}

The garden is located at the back of the house and in the only flowerbed there is peonies, roses, tulips and chives(!) are growing. I am planning on adding {lots of} violets and pansies, but also some black hollyhocks (won’t that be cool?), some flowering bushes, but most of all a wooden deck to spend my summer days on.

As for the inside: I liked a lot of the ideas I had for my first apartment and I will re-use several of those {including some wallpaper choices} this time too, but it will be a fair amount of new ideas as well; after all I’ve learned a couple of things along the way too, and this apartment has another {little} room for me to decorate: the laundry room (my own).

So, there might be a few less posts for a while to come, but now you know the reason why. :)

May 29, 2016

Palm Beach Granny Chic

Posted in Outdoors

American designer Carleton Varney, who is the one continuing Dorothy Drapers legacy, recently launched an outdoors collection: Carleton Varney for Frontgate. Granny Chic meets Palm Beach Chic. Now, it is entirely too expensive to even consider purchasing anything from Sweden (they do ship some of the items outside of the US) but it does provide some amazing inspiration for an outdoors space. I especially adore the colour combination of turquoise, teal and purple along with the variety of prints mainly florals, looking as if one has raided a granny’s linen cupboard. Below are a bunch of things I’d love to decorate my little deck with. Can you believe that it is absolutely impossible to find any lattice work furniture, like the ones used in the photographs, here in Sweden. I’d love to have something in that style and it is nowhere to be found. I guess we just don’t do furniture like this here… could have something to do with the damp rainy summers we usually get…

Jotex Tyra Blanket | Ikea Lavandula Lavender Plant | Zara Home Raised Flower Vase | Kate Spade Harbour Stripe Euro Sham | Ilva Click Rocking Chair | H&M Home Palm Leaf Tray | Carleton Varney Sweet Violets Throw Pillow | Rusta Plastic Rug Jasmina | H&M Bamboo Print Pillowcase

April 17, 2016

{Lovely Label} Miss Étoile – Mid Season News 2016

Pictures from the Miss Étoile Mid Season News 2016 Catalogue.

Just as I complained that Miss Étoile haven’t really come up with anything new this season they go ahead and surprise me with some mid season news in the shape of: textiles, accessories, and paperware! All in their signature black and white, with a hint of pastel, this time only in pink.

My favourite hands down are the tea towels – I am a firm believer that polkadotted flamingos are a must in every kitchen!

February 3, 2016

Brocante Boudoir

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Fr. Brocante f ‎(plural brocantes)

  1. flea market; bric-à-brac market
  2. car boot sale; jumble sale

Fr. Boudoir m ‎(plural boudoirs)

  1. A woman’s private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom.

Brocante chic is the more colourful cousin to shabby chic; personally I’m not a big fan of the worn and scratched look that they both feature, but I do like the idea of combining many colourful and somewhat (ok, I have managed a colour theme for my dream room) mismatching items, creating a cosy thrifted sort of style. I’d like to pair it with luxe and glamour, think Dita Von Teese’s bedroom or rather boudoir!

I absolutely adore the idea of finding art in fashion and framing a (vintage) silk scarf as wall decoration. Unlike Dita not all of us have a designated dressing room, so clothes and accessories tend to end up in the bedroom, sometimes lying out and about just so we can admire how pretty they are… or maybe that’s just me, who likes to wake up to the sight of pretty bags.
See also: How to Frame a Silk Scarf: Five Different Options and New: Silk Scarf Framing.

The pendant lamp is by a Swedish designer and costs an arm and a leg considering that is just some fabric and a wire frame, although it is in it’s simplicity very pretty; as well as a fantastic DIY idea!
DIY: Tulle pendant lamp

I’m not completely opposed to vintage, just the {too} worn and scratched, and the violet tray is beautiful. I’d use it to keep dainty perfume bottles. Things with violet prints are hard to come by these days, at least I find it so and especially when it comes to new things.

I’ve shown you the Kate Spade chest before, but it is too gorgeous to not include a second time. I swear it’s all in the bow detail!

Have you seen Liberty of Londons Flowers of Liberty homeware and accessories collection? It’s very darling and includes everything from jewellery boxes to colouring books, from scented candles to radios, from suitcases to tea towels, from bracelets to trowels(!)… you get the picture, right? It comes in three classic Liberty prints: Betsy (my favourite, the purple floral one), Theodora (meadow flowers), and Wiltshire (berries).

If you have taken a look at my About Me page you probably have noticed that I have a thing for velour and velvet, truth be told both when it comes to couture and interior decorating, so my fancy for the velvet furniture and pillows might not be very surprising. I am positively smitten with the velvet bedframe from Anthropologie and heartbroken that nothing of the sort is available here in Sweden! The sweet dreams I’d dream sleeping in a bed like that, especially if I’d be sleeping on the D. Porthault bedding; for those who don’t know it’s the Hermès (or Rolls Royce) of bedding, and I can not help but to wonder if one actually sleeps better on a €2526 set than on a €43 one, I figure one really must! ;P

So here you are: my pulchritudinous dream bedroom. Florals and velvet, vintage and glamour.

January 28, 2016