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{Lovely Label} Miss Étoile – Hello Summer 2016

Pictures from Miss Étoile.

Miss Étoile haven’t really come up with a lot of new things for this season, but as they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and that is probably why they’re still sticking to their {winning} concept of black and white with a dash of pastel, although adding a bit more red for this season. I love the pastic containers, but I’m not a fan of red, so I’d better not. They sure are cute though!!!

January 18, 2016

{Lovely Label} Rice – Go for the Fun and Wallpaper!

The always fun and colourful brand Rice (one of my favourites, but I suspect you already know that) are out with yet another gorgeous array of home decorating items, coming spring 2016. The Go for the Fun collection features a bit more muted and retro style colours than usual and… I love them! Quirky meets 1940s!

Some of my favourites from the spring-summer collection:

  1. Glitter lampshades, enough said really–you can’t go wrong with glitter anything, as far as I am concerned. I just wish these shades came in, well, different shades! I’d love to have one in green or lilac.
  2. The floral embroidery print on the plate/tray reminds me of Atsuko Matsuyama‘s Colourful Flower Stitch fabric, one that I might just have had to add to my fabric stash… and that just ought to mean that I need the Rice things in this print too, yes? :)
  3. And aren’t these trinket boxes just adorable?! I especially love the whale one, but one question remains: do I go for light blue or gold?

See their entire online catalogue here.

Everyday Magic Wallpaper

Rice also launched a wallpaper collection in October, together with Dutch Eijffinger (perhaps most famous for their collaborations with another Dutch brand, Pip Studio). I especially love the blue birds on the green background (for the bedroom maybe?) and the aqua gingham print would be supersweet in my kitchen!

(All pictures from Rice.)

December 8, 2015

Kate Spade Home Furnishings Collection

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Photos from

Kate Spade recently added furniture, rugs, lighting to her home collection, in addition to the bedding and home accents & decor already available. It of course features the preppy style with that cute and quirky twist that Kate Spade is known for. Just have a look at the to die for stylised versions of her signature bows found on her furniture; the back of the chair, the bottom of the chest of drawers, as well as the handle on the little end table. So adorable yet not overpoweringly sweet but just a subtle feminine touch to the otherwise clean contemporary lines.

Unfortunately everything costs a fortune and nothing is available here so I will be have to be content with only looking from afar and not buying anything this time… though I’d love to own the end table… and the table lamp… and the chest of drawers… ahh, what can I say? I am a hopeless case. ;)

Calypso End Table | Georgia Chest | Georgia Chair | Garden Drive Square Jewelry Box | Needlepoint Rose Rug | Elsie Table Lamp

October 25, 2015

Cherry Picks #3

Juice Carton Bags

Accessorize Juice Carton Bag | Moschino Milk Carton Bag ca 1990s | Skinnydip Pineapple Juice Bag | Skinnydip Orange Juice Bag

Since I posted about the milk carton bags it’s only fair that I present the juice carton ones for you as well (albeit a great deal fewer than the milk ones). The pineapple one from Skinnydip is my favourite, although I adore the other two as well.

Miss Etoilé Autumn-Winter 2015

Miss Etoilé are at it again, that is, they’re still doing their adorably quirky retro style monochromatic stripes and polkadots along with sugary sweet pastels but this time they have added another two colours to their palette: peach and lilac.

See their online catalogue here.

Vintage Market

All from BHS.

Inspired by London’s flower market, BHS has created a vibrant whimsical retro collection. Even daring to match Cath Kidston-style florals with cobalt blue! I’d very much love to have the mirror as it reminds me of the 1930’s Barbola mirrors although much cheaper! Unfortunately for me they don’t deliver outside the UK — lucky you who live there!

July 3, 2015

{Lovely Label} Rice – Stay Outstanding!

This coming season Rice’s slogan is: Stay Outstanding! and as always they live up to their own motto. The colours this autumn-winter are gorgeous (save for the beige nougat-y hues – they are not my cup of tea) I particularly adore the mint/aquas as well as the soft peach pink – though I don’t think I’d ever use that colour in my home, nor wear it. The girly floral prints are delicately sweet – if you look closely you can see that they have used the field print (my favourite) from one of their paint rollers (from the spring-summer collection) as a pattern on the melamine things.

The tins, the floral pillow and/or the quilt, and the melamine mugs are on my wishlist, which are on yours?

See their online catalogue here.

(All photos and product images from

June 10, 2015

Oh, my darling Clementine…

Hand Stamped Clementine Wall (DIY by A Beautiful Mess) | Isn’t this just such a fun and fabulous DIY Project?! I’m definetly saving this idea for when I get bored of my kitchen wallpaper (which is bound to happen sooner or later). I’m not 100% sure about the one I picked and a wall like theirs would definetly be cuter than my oversized floral one… although I think I’d rather make the tangerines in to cherries (that’d match my raspberry pink refrigerator better).

As for the rest of the vitamin C charged items above: Clementine Tea Towel by Belle & Union | Orange Bowl (no longer available) | Tangerine KitchenAid | Orange Metal Tin by Froy & Dind.

Orange definetly is a bold and cheery colour but I’m not sure I’d dare decorate with it, other than in small doses that is. Do you like orange?

May 10, 2015

Autumn Sunset Living Room Inspiration

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Bookshelf: David Francis Furniture/One Kings Lane | Wallpaper: Rifle Paper Co. Rosa (in Indigo) | Sofa: Dune | Pillows: Urban Outfitters

The title should really have been Retro Art Deco Autumn Sunset Living Room Inspiration but it is long enough as it is, don’t you think?! I adore Rifle Paper Co.’s wallpaper collection – my favourite print is Rosa (the one above) but in the Persimmon colourway, it’s just so cheery and fun… and not my style at all! The indigo colourway reminds me of the sunset on those cool clear autumn evenings, hence the title – and the floral pattern itself might give off a bit of a 1970’s retro feeling but the colours were very much in vogue during the Art Deco period.

A few years ago the Danish brand Miss Etoilé had a beautiful round art deco/chinoiserie-style round bookshelf in their collection and so began my love for that very design. Unfortunately the shelf in question was nowhere to be found (well, bought) and that was probably for the best as I suspect it might just have been priced way beyond my budget. The Sobe Étagère might not look one bit like the one from Miss Etoilé but it doesn’t matter because it’s stunningly pretty too, and sadly priced rather stunningly too…

If you feel that you’ve seen the sofa here before you just might have as it has turned up in another blog post previously, although that time in pink(!).

Last but not least the most important thing when it comes to decorating: accents and accessories. ;) In my opinion you can never (ever) have too many velvet pillows! I am, though, a bit inclined to choosing velvet anything when possible.

So what do you think? Does navy, orange and pink go together, or is it too much?

September 4, 2014

Sweet Pineapple

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Tea Towel: H&M Home | Glass: IKEA | Wallpaper: Rifle Paper Co. | Bonbonniere: Lagerhaus | Bowl: ICA Hemma | Basket: Zara Home | Cushion: H&M Home | Lamp: Heico | Ice Tray: Sunnylife

If lemons are the fruits to wear this year then pineapples are for sure the fruits to decorate with. You can add a cute and quirky twist to a room with a pineapple accent, but I am not sure I’d dare to decorate a whole room in that theme though. I’d love to own the bonbonniere and the bowl – although the wallpaper is stunning too! Have you had a look at Rifle Paper Co.’s new line of wallpapers? Oh, if I only had a room that needed new wallcoverings!

June 28, 2014

{Lovely Label} Rice – Just Be Awesome!

Rice’s slogan/theme this time around – the autumn winter collection 2014 – is JUST BE AWESOME! and they are, again. They have added more of the, at the moment, oh so popular baking supplies but the biggest news are their little collection of, very pretty indeed, furniture! Must have. ^_^ Can’t have. ;_; Will at least be inspired by. -_^ Velvet and gorgeous, bright yet powdery pastel colours. Ok, I can handle that.

What speaks to me the most however are patterned paint rolls, which didn’t catch my eye at all upon their release along with the spring summer collection but seeing how beautiful that little reading nook is (top picture, left) I can certainly see their potential now.

Below are some of my favourites from the autumn winter collection 2014 – which are yours?

See their online catalogue here.

(All photos and product images from

June 21, 2014

Ice Cream Parlour

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Ice Cream Parlour! Get it?! ;) Oh, well – who says a living room can’t be cute, without looking like a childrens room?

The ‘Ice Cream Bird’ print is cute, but not silly, and makes for some sweet walldecoration – I have the Macaroon [sic!] Bird print hanging in my kitchen.

The idea of using a sundae glass as a vase, filling it with pastel (ice cream-coloured) flowers, is both genious and cute! I wish I would have thought of that. (Inspiration and photo via Wed Loft.)

Curtains made from the vanilla coloured fabric with sprinkles gives a finishing but subtle touch – seen from afar the sprinkles might just be polkadots, but up close they fit the ice cream theme perfectly.

Home Sweet Home! Eh?! ;)

Wallpaper: Borås Tapeter
Creamsicle pillow: Cottonfood
Sundae glass: Miss Etoilé
Frame: Ribba IKEA
Bird print: thelittledoodles (Etsy)
Ice cream lamp: Urban Outfitters
Ice cream cart/table: Maisons du Monde
Fabric: Vanilla with Sprinkles Michael Miller
Ice cream pillow: Swimmer
Sofa: Ektorp IKEA
Doorstop: scOOPS! from Fred & Friends
May 18, 2014