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Cherry Picks #8

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Etsy is a very dangerous place… for one’s wallet! The website is filled with so many talented creators, who make the prettiest trinkets you probably don’t need but want anyway – hence the peril.

Adam Sackler from the TV-series Girls has his own view on crafting and etsy:

Sometimes I feel like I’m one of those gullible people but there is just so much cute stuff! Below is a selection of my favourite, not very useful but yet wonderful, items.

Pinks and Needles

Forget-Me-Not Pin Topper

Pinks and Needles specialise in pin toppers, a.k.a. fancy pins, in a variety of styles (from teapots to birds and everything inbetween); as well as pin cushions. She even manages to create little landscapes using the pins and pin cushions, sold as sets.

Strawberries Pincushion with Mushroom Sculpture

It might not come as a surprise to you that my favourites are the violets and pansies. I can’t really predict the future but I suspect I’ll see a pin or two in a pincushion near me later on down the road.

Violet Pin Topper

Boundless Bookbindery

Fruits of the Forest Cake Book | Blackberry Cake Book | Tiramisu Cake Book

Boundless Bookbindery creates the most amazing handbound books, in the shape of cake slices! They are a bit pricey but since they’re handmade it makes sense. The books would make a great gift for the booklover with a sweet tooth, or just as a treat to yourself. Imagine using this to collect quotes or as an autograph book, wouldn’t that be cute?

Scrumptious Delight

Strawberry Vanilla Monster

Scrumptious Delight makes the most adorable plush toys, everything from plush tacos to plush christmas trees. My absolute favourite is the darling Ice Cream Monster above. She’s such a cutie. I especially love her little cone hat. And… I think she needs to come live with me! :)

Strawberry Blueberry Monster | Plush Christmas Trees | White Plush Monster

Do you have any quirky, fun and not so useful {other than brightening up the dull reality} etsy favourites?

February 19, 2017

Slipper Shoes

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Photos from Fendi.

Fendi’s pre-fall collection consists of daywear nightwear; i.e. pyjamas, nighties, robes and slippers! It looks terribly cosy and comfy – especially the shoes, which are more like platform slippers really – while perhaps not being the easiest to coordinate in a daily outfit. If I was to pick a pair, then the (bottom right) navy/black ones are the cutest in my opinion.

What do you think? Wear the slippers out of the house, or keep them in the bedroom?

July 13, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I finally got it! A home in the countryside, just like I mentioned back in January, actually in the village that I moved from some years ago, and only two doors down from where I spent my first three years in life. Ooh, the horror — some of you lovely readers might think, but I am pleased as punch that I’m at last where my heart always was. I am trading in (well, selling) my third floor apartment for a slightly bigger townhouse cottage(?) apartment (meaning my own little house although with a wall-to-wall nextdoor neighbour) where I even get a little bit of a garden and a whole lot more peace and quiet. I am positively itching to get moved in and start decorating, but there is a renovation to be done before I can do that, so for now (until the autumn) I’ll have to settle for making plans and collages. {Not that it truly means settling for me as I already have a tendency of massproducing those…}

The garden is located at the back of the house and in the only flowerbed there is peonies, roses, tulips and chives(!) are growing. I am planning on adding {lots of} violets and pansies, but also some black hollyhocks (won’t that be cool?), some flowering bushes, but most of all a wooden deck to spend my summer days on.

As for the inside: I liked a lot of the ideas I had for my first apartment and I will re-use several of those {including some wallpaper choices} this time too, but it will be a fair amount of new ideas as well; after all I’ve learned a couple of things along the way too, and this apartment has another {little} room for me to decorate: the laundry room (my own).

So, there might be a few less posts for a while to come, but now you know the reason why. :)

May 29, 2016

Cherry Picks #7

Kitschy Chandeliers

Swan chandelier by Adam Wallacavage

Mint & Blue Kitchens

Photographs from Camille Soulayrol (for Marie-Claire Idées) & Rice

Striped Bags

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily | Sonia Rykiel Large Striped Zipped Tote | Samantha Thavasa Ale Canvas | Christian Louboutin Vero-Dodat Pochette | Zootie Nattu Basket Bag | Burberry Canvas Check Clutch Bag (though the print is so big it looks striped) | Prada Tote | Gucci Embroidered Riche Stripe Shoulder Bag

May 6, 2016

Cherry Picks #6

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{Lovely Label} N2 Les Nereides

N2 Les Nereides Collection The Candy Store

Aren’t these little candy critters from N2 Les Nereides just adorable? My favourites are the “Multi Candies and Big Chain Necklace” and the “Pink Meringue Long Necklace” — although I wouldn’t mind having them all in my jewellery box.

Candyland Cake House Art

Break Bread LA via The Terrier and Lobster

An art installation by artist Scott Hove, “set in a whimsical — yet twisted — Candyland” (Break Bread LA) featuring yummy interiors decorated like iced cake. Delicious!

{Lovely Label} Rice High Summer 2016

Rice High SUmmer 2016 Catalogue (All photos from Rice)

There are a couple of new things in Rice’s High Summer collection, some additions to their melamine tableware, some baskets and boxes, but also three adorable tea towels, all embellished with cute crochet edgings in the shape of watermelons, pigs, and cherries.

Violets in Paris

@margaret__zhang | Photos: “Gloomy, cinematic kind of Paris is the best kind of Paris” + “Please keep your head warm in Paris.”

April 5, 2016

Cherry Picks #5

Flamboyant Footwear

Flamenco (Pink) | Blushing Bird (Orange) | Blushing Bird (Green) | Roseus (Black) | Blushing Bird (Cream)

Irregular Choice makes the most darling shoes, unfortunately too much so because I can never make up my mind which pair to get–when I finally do they’re sold out. The last few seasons they have figurine shaped heels and I knew I wanted one of those–after all there has been bunnis, unicorns, garden gnomes, star wars characters, bride & groom, pandas, deer, dinosaurs, and lambs and more–but neither was quite what I were looking for… until now: flamingo-shaped heels! Perfection!

Colourful Closets

@mylifeincolors_ | Rommy De Bommy

Above are photos from the blogs (ok, instagram and blog) of two very colourful ladies (from Belgium and the Netherlands respectively), both with wardrobes that make me green with envy! So much colour and fabulousness words fail me–and I usually have a lot of words to go around. ;) @mylifeincolors_ has a collection of brightly coloured Chanel bags that is to die for and Rommy De Bommy uses her entire bedroom as a walk-in-closet (with a bed in the middle)! Go visit them, why don’t you?!

{Lovely Label} Cath Kidston – Spring 2016

Daisy Bed Foldaway Backpack | Meadow Boxed Silk Shawl | Garden Bird Timer | Garden Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers | Bee Pin Cushion | Chelsea Flowers Dolly Cross Body Bag | Highgate Rose Breakfast Cup & Saucer | Highgate Rose Sugar Bowl | Highgate Rose Tea Pot

The signature colour for Cath Kidston is red, as mentioned many times before: not a favourite of mine, and perhaps it’s not a surprise that I’m a bit giddy for her spring collection as it doesn’t feature an overwhelming amount of red (on some items there is none other than the logo)! Yay!

{Lovely Label} Erstwilder

Happy Feet Brooch | Bronte and Bub Brooch | Attempted Flamboyance Brooch | Around the World Brooch

Australian jewellery label Erstwilder have recently made some adorable additions to their collection. The ones above are my favorites. The flamingos seem to have turned in to a permanent family member, just in a new guise every time – perhaps it’s time to consider collecting the Erstwilder flamingos?!

Pansy-print Purses

Wallet | Pouch | Mini Purse

Cute Japanese brand Chocoholic (the name alone is sweet, don’t you think?) have just come out with a set of pansy-printed purses and somehow I am fairly sure they will end up with me, as I do after all adore violets and pansies.

February 18, 2016

Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! Already five days in to the new year and I haven’t even wished you happy holidays. A recap of the past year is very popular among many bloggers but in all honesty 2015 wasn’t a great one for me {at all} and so I’d rather focus on what’s to come instead of the year that {thankfully} is over. :)

Winter didn’t come to Sweden until after Christmas but that doesn’t mean that I’m not already longing for spring {actually I never wanted winter to begin with, but it seems Mother Nature doesn’t care for my opinion at all} and all the pretty things and fun activites arriving along with it. I’m especially looking forward to travelling, Florence (Italy) and Paris (France) are two planned destinations; and shopping, especially from Red Valentino’s spring collection with all the lovely violets! I have cheated a little and started a bit early by pre-ordering the violet printed clutch.

Goals for 2016 include moving (back to the countryside; the city is not for me), crossing some items off my lolita wishlist and something off my handbag wishlist! Which, by the way is a new page – found at the top among the other links – as I’ve come to realise that my love for handbags is evergrowing and sort of deserves a bit more focus on the blog {maybe even it’s own category?} so I hope you’ll enjoy a few more posts on that topic in the future.

Love and hugs!

January 5, 2016

Cherry Picks #4

{Fabric Fancy} Atsuko Matsuyama Original 30s Print

Mint Ribbon Flower | Mint ミニスカラップ | Purple Flower Stitch | Purple ミニスカラップ | Purple Stich Collage | Purple Vintage Flower

Gorgeous original unnamed 30s print by Japanese fabric designer Atsuko Matsuyama. The links above go to the fabrics available at her webshop (the fabric series comes in other colours too by the way), which unfortunately doesn’t ship outside of Japan making it neccessary to use a shopping service. I do not speak Japanese and had to use Google translate to figure out the names of the designs, hence the weird titles and one (two) untranslated, as translator wanted to call them ‘Miniskirt’ which made no sense at all to me. :/

Bottlebrush Trees

Raining Sheep | Bre Pea | craft:nosis | coco + kelley | craftyminx | vitamini handmade | beelori1

Aren’t these little decorative trees adorable?! Apparently very popular and common in other parts of the world than mine, that is, as I’ve never seen anything like them before. I can definetly see the potential cuteness of a little miniature christmas tree forest… maybe for next Christmas. Note to self: need miniature trees and LOTS of glitter! One can never have too much glitter! :)

{Fabric Fancy} Vintage Noel

Vintage Noel by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics

While I do love decorating for Christmas I’m not a big fan of the generic red fabrics and ornaments; I (a bit surprising perhaps, as I usually voice my dislike for the colour the rest of the year) rather fancy pink and other pastel colours when it comes to Christmas. The above fabric line does feature some red but those fabrics can easily be skipped (though a little red is ok as far as I am concerned), whilst still getting enough choices to create a sweet mix between the prints and other colours.

Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace Ballerina Flats

Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace Collection

I can’t help but wonder how anyone would ever be able to choose a pair? The colours all look amazing… together! :)

Wu & Wu

Wu & Wu | Wu & Wu Facebook | Fiona Hewitt | Classic Hardware (Designs by Fiona Hewitt)

Illustrator Fiona Hewitt finds her inspiration from old propaganda posters and Chinese advertisements adding her own crazy cute kitschy twist to her drawings. All items above are from Wu & Wu save for the Snailor(!) necklace, which comes from Classic Hardware.

A rather diverse collection of cherry picks this time, don’t you think? ;)

December 18, 2015

Cherry Picks #3

Juice Carton Bags

Accessorize Juice Carton Bag | Moschino Milk Carton Bag ca 1990s | Skinnydip Pineapple Juice Bag | Skinnydip Orange Juice Bag

Since I posted about the milk carton bags it’s only fair that I present the juice carton ones for you as well (albeit a great deal fewer than the milk ones). The pineapple one from Skinnydip is my favourite, although I adore the other two as well.

Miss Etoilé Autumn-Winter 2015

Miss Etoilé are at it again, that is, they’re still doing their adorably quirky retro style monochromatic stripes and polkadots along with sugary sweet pastels but this time they have added another two colours to their palette: peach and lilac.

See their online catalogue here.

Vintage Market

All from BHS.

Inspired by London’s flower market, BHS has created a vibrant whimsical retro collection. Even daring to match Cath Kidston-style florals with cobalt blue! I’d very much love to have the mirror as it reminds me of the 1930’s Barbola mirrors although much cheaper! Unfortunately for me they don’t deliver outside the UK — lucky you who live there!

July 3, 2015

Cherry Picks #2

Miu Miu Running Sneakers

I’d love these hand embellished running sneakers from Miu Miu. I’m not picky about the colour – just send me any pair! They’re all gorgeous!!

Pretty Patterns

Ranunculus | Pyrex | Tiny Posies

Three pretty patterns from Angie Sandy that I wish were made in to fabric… I’d definetly buy those!

Yummy Yarn

For once this isn’t one of my silly word plays! The yarn is actually called Yummy… ok, DMC Natura Yummy to be exact and it comes in 16(!) lovely colours. I’m definetly going to get all the colours… as soon as they are for sale somewhere near me.

Bag Stickers

Left: Skinnydip | Right: Anya Hindmarch

Bag stickers where made in to fashion this year by Anya Hindmarch and are a fun way to spruce up a bag… Anya Hindmarch’s stickers are real leather and thus are quite pricey £35-55, but fear not as British brand Skinnydip have borrowed the idea and made similar one out of faux leather with a far more pleasing price tag: £3-10. I like the eye stickers from Anya Hindmarch but the Skinnydip colours are more fun.

May 25, 2015