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{Lovely Label} Cath Kidston – Early Spring 2017: Pretty Painted Pansies

Large Painted Pansies Umbrella | Pretty Pansies Desktop Notepad | Large Painted Pansies Smart Make-Up Bag | Pretty Pansies Sticky Notes | Large Painted Pansies Mug | Large Painted Pansies Quilted Purse | Large Painted Pansies Embossed Occasion Clutch | Large Painted Pansies Trimmed Tote | Pretty Pansies Chunky Pen | Large Painted Pansies Rubber Watch | Large Painted Pansies Formal Pumps

I really adore Cath Kidston‘s designs and I absolutely love pansies, so I think now it’s finally time for me to make my first purchase from Cath Kidston, don’t you?

February 12, 2017

Wishi Washi

Pininkie Hearts Digital Washi Tape | and Cute Digital Washi Tape (Freebie!) | Color Your Way Digital Washi Tape | Happy Notes and more… Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Digital Washi Tape | Sweetly Scrapped’s Digital Washi Tape (Freebie!) | Limon Yellow Digital Washi Tape | Erin Bradley Designs Digital Washi Tape

Washi tape (Japanese rice paper masking tape) is great! ;) It’s such a simple and easy thing to use for your crafty projects, check out my Pinterest board to see some examples and perhaps find some new uses. Below you can find some of my ‘regular’ washi tape favourites.

Digital Washi tape is, if possible, even better as it can be used for online and digital graphics (to make decorations, frames, and more) as well as to embellish photographs and blog posts. Above you can find some of my favourite digital washi tapes, including some freebies! Again: have a look at my Pinterest board for ideas and some more digital freebies. :)

Bows Washi Tape | Cherries Washi Tape | Flamingos Washi Tape | Ice Cream Washi Tape | Red Floral Washi Tape | Macarons Washi Tape | Ants, Dragonflies & Snails Washi Tape | Lollipops Washi Tape | Lemons & Stripes Washi Tape | Mermaid Tail Print Washi Tape | Pink With White Hearts Washi Tape | Candy Diagonal Striped Washi Tape | Striped Glitter Washi Tape | Forget-Me-Nots Washi Tape

January 25, 2017