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Fendi SS17: The Sweet Dream

Palazzo Fendi | Palazzo Fendi Shop Window | Fendi Ginza | Fendi Galeries Lafayette

You know you’ve got it bad for a fashion collection when you even adore the shop window displays. The little lorry is a Fendi signature display item and it’s colour and decorations changes with the collections; this time it’s covered in pink meringues. The (supersized) paper plate with the bags is one of my favourite items, making the bags appear like sweets on a tray — I’m so borrowing that idea for future photo stylings. There is another very lovely part of Fendi’s current window displays; and that’s the sculptures featured in the shop windows around the world. Let’s take a closer look at those!

The Sweet Dream

Fendi collaborated with German artist Anke Eilergerhard to create the spring/summer window display art installations; in the shape of an exhibition called ‘The Sweet Dream’. Anke Eilergerhard’s main medium to work with is silicone, which she pipes with a pastry bag, making it look as if it was cream or frosting. Combined with pretty porcelain, the futuristic pastry-like sculptures truly fit the techno rococo concept of the spring-summer collection. Below is a video posted by Fendi about the making of the sculptures.

See more here: Fendi | The Sweet Dream

Unfinished Sculpture Detail (Fendi New York) | Sculpture Detail (Fendi Ginza) | Sculpture Detail (Palazzo Fendi) | Bag Display (Fendi Ginza)

?enj?min R?imondi (@benjaminr08)

Fendi Avenue Montaigne, Paris

The Sweet Dream windows will be featured in Fendi Boutiques from Milan to Paris to New York, Rome, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai.

Sculpture Palazzo Fendi | Sculpture Fendi Ginza | Sculpture Fendi Milano | Sculpture Fendi Avenue Montaigne | Sculpture Fendi Isetan Shinjuku | Sculpture Fendi New York

I like the aqua-blue sculpture on display in Fendi Ginza and the pink and aubergine sculpture, to be seen in Fendi Milano, the best. I hope I will have a chance to see the latter before the exhibition “closes” in June, that means when it’s time for the sales and then the autumn-winter displays.

What do you think about the Fendi SS17 art?

March 10, 2017

Cherry Picks #4

{Fabric Fancy} Atsuko Matsuyama Original 30s Print

Mint Ribbon Flower | Mint ミニスカラップ | Purple Flower Stitch | Purple ミニスカラップ | Purple Stich Collage | Purple Vintage Flower

Gorgeous original unnamed 30s print by Japanese fabric designer Atsuko Matsuyama. The links above go to the fabrics available at her webshop (the fabric series comes in other colours too by the way), which unfortunately doesn’t ship outside of Japan making it neccessary to use a shopping service. I do not speak Japanese and had to use Google translate to figure out the names of the designs, hence the weird titles and one (two) untranslated, as translator wanted to call them ‘Miniskirt’ which made no sense at all to me. :/

Bottlebrush Trees

Raining Sheep | Bre Pea | craft:nosis | coco + kelley | craftyminx | vitamini handmade | beelori1

Aren’t these little decorative trees adorable?! Apparently very popular and common in other parts of the world than mine, that is, as I’ve never seen anything like them before. I can definetly see the potential cuteness of a little miniature christmas tree forest… maybe for next Christmas. Note to self: need miniature trees and LOTS of glitter! One can never have too much glitter! :)

{Fabric Fancy} Vintage Noel

Vintage Noel by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics

While I do love decorating for Christmas I’m not a big fan of the generic red fabrics and ornaments; I (a bit surprising perhaps, as I usually voice my dislike for the colour the rest of the year) rather fancy pink and other pastel colours when it comes to Christmas. The above fabric line does feature some red but those fabrics can easily be skipped (though a little red is ok as far as I am concerned), whilst still getting enough choices to create a sweet mix between the prints and other colours.

Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace Ballerina Flats

Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace Collection

I can’t help but wonder how anyone would ever be able to choose a pair? The colours all look amazing… together! :)

Wu & Wu

Wu & Wu | Wu & Wu Facebook | Fiona Hewitt | Classic Hardware (Designs by Fiona Hewitt)

Illustrator Fiona Hewitt finds her inspiration from old propaganda posters and Chinese advertisements adding her own crazy cute kitschy twist to her drawings. All items above are from Wu & Wu save for the Snailor(!) necklace, which comes from Classic Hardware.

A rather diverse collection of cherry picks this time, don’t you think? ;)

December 18, 2015

{Lovely Label} Rice – Go for the Fun and Wallpaper!

The always fun and colourful brand Rice (one of my favourites, but I suspect you already know that) are out with yet another gorgeous array of home decorating items, coming spring 2016. The Go for the Fun collection features a bit more muted and retro style colours than usual and… I love them! Quirky meets 1940s!

Some of my favourites from the spring-summer collection:

  1. Glitter lampshades, enough said really–you can’t go wrong with glitter anything, as far as I am concerned. I just wish these shades came in, well, different shades! I’d love to have one in green or lilac.
  2. The floral embroidery print on the plate/tray reminds me of Atsuko Matsuyama‘s Colourful Flower Stitch fabric, one that I might just have had to add to my fabric stash… and that just ought to mean that I need the Rice things in this print too, yes? :)
  3. And aren’t these trinket boxes just adorable?! I especially love the whale one, but one question remains: do I go for light blue or gold?

See their entire online catalogue here.

Everyday Magic Wallpaper

Rice also launched a wallpaper collection in October, together with Dutch Eijffinger (perhaps most famous for their collaborations with another Dutch brand, Pip Studio). I especially love the blue birds on the green background (for the bedroom maybe?) and the aqua gingham print would be supersweet in my kitchen!

(All pictures from Rice.)

December 8, 2015

Sorbet Lolita

Dress, barette and hair comb(s): Angelic Pretty | Necklace, rings (1,2), bracelet and clutch bag: Q-pot | Shoes: Ida by Bait

I adore a multitude of styles, Lolita only being one of many, and so I have been searching for ways to combine them, which isn’t always an easy task. Above is a dream outfit of mine, where I hope I have managed to come up with a summery sorbet-coloured 50s retro look Lolita theme. Lolita fashion is rather 50s inspired to begin with, drawing inspiration from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which was released in 1951 – hence Alice’s 50s style dress. :)

When Angelic Pretty released their Sugary Gingham print the first time I was quite indifferent about it but as they have re-released it again and then once more, a third time, it has really grown on me… and now, of course, I am kicking myself for not getting it while it was available. Gingham is a very versatile print and can be included in many styles. I can only hope they’ll release the print again – finding it second hand seems rather impossible – and then I can perhaps get my little hands on it.

The Ida shoes from Bait have been on my wishlist for quite some time – they are a favourite among the retro fashion loving bloggers (1, 2, 3); but I have yet to buy a pair, could I only decide on a colour! When I think I’ve managed to pick one, they release another pretty hue and my selection process starts all over again. The Ida shoes are a great choice if you want to retro-fy (is that even a word?) an outfit as is choosing a fascinator (over the customary Lolita bows) as I have tried to illustrate above… though it does quite look like a pancake. :/

As for the Q-Pot accessories: were I a rich woman they’d all be mine but they are all very pricey and in this case beggars have to be choosers. The bracelet looks delicious and the clutch bag is so cute – albeit it looks rather unpractical, but what I would like, perhaps the most, from above is the bag charm/key chain version of the necklace… that said I wish the entire outfit was mine, including the imaginary headwear, but summer’s almost over and there is a whole year to try accumulating the things needed to recreate this outfit for next summer.

Do you combine different styles? Or is that a definite no-no?

August 17, 2015

Delicious Inspiration

1. Gelato by Pretty by Hand | 2. Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case by Straight Stitch Society | 3. Birthday Cake by Lori Holt | 4. Lemonade Quilt by ETC | 5. Dishy Treats by Pink Penguin

After months of pestering you with my neverending Fabric Fancy I’ve finally found inspiration for what to do with all those fabrics I fancy getting (and already have added {some of them} to my stash). It’s still summer and some sweet, cool and delicious inspiration can never go wrong. The Birthday Cake and Lemonade Quilt patterns are free by the way! And as far as I am concerned that is always a treat. ;)

July 31, 2015

{Lovely Label} Rice – Stay Outstanding!

This coming season Rice’s slogan is: Stay Outstanding! and as always they live up to their own motto. The colours this autumn-winter are gorgeous (save for the beige nougat-y hues – they are not my cup of tea) I particularly adore the mint/aquas as well as the soft peach pink – though I don’t think I’d ever use that colour in my home, nor wear it. The girly floral prints are delicately sweet – if you look closely you can see that they have used the field print (my favourite) from one of their paint rollers (from the spring-summer collection) as a pattern on the melamine things.

The tins, the floral pillow and/or the quilt, and the melamine mugs are on my wishlist, which are on yours?

See their online catalogue here.

(All photos and product images from

June 10, 2015

Cherry Picks #2

Miu Miu Running Sneakers

I’d love these hand embellished running sneakers from Miu Miu. I’m not picky about the colour – just send me any pair! They’re all gorgeous!!

Pretty Patterns

Ranunculus | Pyrex | Tiny Posies

Three pretty patterns from Angie Sandy that I wish were made in to fabric… I’d definetly buy those!

Yummy Yarn

For once this isn’t one of my silly word plays! The yarn is actually called Yummy… ok, DMC Natura Yummy to be exact and it comes in 16(!) lovely colours. I’m definetly going to get all the colours… as soon as they are for sale somewhere near me.

Bag Stickers

Left: Skinnydip | Right: Anya Hindmarch

Bag stickers where made in to fashion this year by Anya Hindmarch and are a fun way to spruce up a bag… Anya Hindmarch’s stickers are real leather and thus are quite pricey £35-55, but fear not as British brand Skinnydip have borrowed the idea and made similar one out of faux leather with a far more pleasing price tag: £3-10. I like the eye stickers from Anya Hindmarch but the Skinnydip colours are more fun.

May 25, 2015

Oh, my darling Clementine…

Hand Stamped Clementine Wall (DIY by A Beautiful Mess) | Isn’t this just such a fun and fabulous DIY Project?! I’m definetly saving this idea for when I get bored of my kitchen wallpaper (which is bound to happen sooner or later). I’m not 100% sure about the one I picked and a wall like theirs would definetly be cuter than my oversized floral one… although I think I’d rather make the tangerines in to cherries (that’d match my raspberry pink refrigerator better).

As for the rest of the vitamin C charged items above: Clementine Tea Towel by Belle & Union | Orange Bowl (no longer available) | Tangerine KitchenAid | Orange Metal Tin by Froy & Dind.

Orange definetly is a bold and cheery colour but I’m not sure I’d dare decorate with it, other than in small doses that is. Do you like orange?

May 10, 2015

{Lovely Label} Curly Collection

Have you heard about Curly Collection before? It was created in 1984 by an Japanese-American woman called Yachiyo Graham – at the beginning it was a small shop offering cute American-style clothing, influenced by vintage fabrics, for both mother and child, but later on along with a name change from Kids Monster to Curly Collection they came to sell both craft supplies as well as vintage fabrics. Today Curly Collection offers the most adorable accessories, kits to make your own, haberdashery, and fabrics, mostly all original and adorable designs by Yachiyo Graham herself. (Source)

I came across Curly Collection looking for pretty fabrics, trims, and buttons to add to my stash – stored in what is known as my “candy cupboard“… because you know a closet filled with cute craft supplies is almost as yummy as a candy shop. -_^ I find that just having a bunch of things ready for creating with really gives a lot of inspiration. Do you have a “candy cupboard”?

You can find their lovely things in both their own webshop as well as okiedokie (Rakuten) – unfortunately you need a shopping service to shop from either of them, although I think it was worth spending that extra money as I have never seen anything like these items anywhere else before. My next purchase from them will definetly be some more tulle trim (seen on the turtle pouch above) as well as one or two of the adorable bag charms/key chains below.

Do you like Curly Collection? Do you have a craft supply stash (a.k.a. a “candy cupboard”)?

July 4, 2014

{Lovely Label} Rice – Just Be Awesome!

Rice’s slogan/theme this time around – the autumn winter collection 2014 – is JUST BE AWESOME! and they are, again. They have added more of the, at the moment, oh so popular baking supplies but the biggest news are their little collection of, very pretty indeed, furniture! Must have. ^_^ Can’t have. ;_; Will at least be inspired by. -_^ Velvet and gorgeous, bright yet powdery pastel colours. Ok, I can handle that.

What speaks to me the most however are patterned paint rolls, which didn’t catch my eye at all upon their release along with the spring summer collection but seeing how beautiful that little reading nook is (top picture, left) I can certainly see their potential now.

Below are some of my favourites from the autumn winter collection 2014 – which are yours?

See their online catalogue here.

(All photos and product images from

June 21, 2014