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Sorbet Lolita

Dress, barette and hair comb(s): Angelic Pretty | Necklace, rings (1,2), bracelet and clutch bag: Q-pot | Shoes: Ida by Bait

I adore a multitude of styles, Lolita only being one of many, and so I have been searching for ways to combine them, which isn’t always an easy task. Above is a dream outfit of mine, where I hope I have managed to come up with a summery sorbet-coloured 50s retro look Lolita theme. Lolita fashion is rather 50s inspired to begin with, drawing inspiration from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which was released in 1951 – hence Alice’s 50s style dress. :)

When Angelic Pretty released their Sugary Gingham print the first time I was quite indifferent about it but as they have re-released it again and then once more, a third time, it has really grown on me… and now, of course, I am kicking myself for not getting it while it was available. Gingham is a very versatile print and can be included in many styles. I can only hope they’ll release the print again – finding it second hand seems rather impossible – and then I can perhaps get my little hands on it.

The Ida shoes from Bait have been on my wishlist for quite some time – they are a favourite among the retro fashion loving bloggers (1, 2, 3); but I have yet to buy a pair, could I only decide on a colour! When I think I’ve managed to pick one, they release another pretty hue and my selection process starts all over again. The Ida shoes are a great choice if you want to retro-fy (is that even a word?) an outfit as is choosing a fascinator (over the customary Lolita bows) as I have tried to illustrate above… though it does quite look like a pancake. :/

As for the Q-Pot accessories: were I a rich woman they’d all be mine but they are all very pricey and in this case beggars have to be choosers. The bracelet looks delicious and the clutch bag is so cute – albeit it looks rather unpractical, but what I would like, perhaps the most, from above is the bag charm/key chain version of the necklace… that said I wish the entire outfit was mine, including the imaginary headwear, but summer’s almost over and there is a whole year to try accumulating the things needed to recreate this outfit for next summer.

Do you combine different styles? Or is that a definite no-no?

August 17, 2015

Oh, my darling Clementine…

Hand Stamped Clementine Wall (DIY by A Beautiful Mess) | Isn’t this just such a fun and fabulous DIY Project?! I’m definetly saving this idea for when I get bored of my kitchen wallpaper (which is bound to happen sooner or later). I’m not 100% sure about the one I picked and a wall like theirs would definetly be cuter than my oversized floral one… although I think I’d rather make the tangerines in to cherries (that’d match my raspberry pink refrigerator better).

As for the rest of the vitamin C charged items above: Clementine Tea Towel by Belle & Union | Orange Bowl (no longer available) | Tangerine KitchenAid | Orange Metal Tin by Froy & Dind.

Orange definetly is a bold and cheery colour but I’m not sure I’d dare decorate with it, other than in small doses that is. Do you like orange?

May 10, 2015

Grey Goodness

All from H&M including interior picture!

Apparently H&M thinks grey is the interior trend colour for the autumn, that along with flowery skull prints that makes one think of the late Alexander McQueen. I don’t think I’d ever decorate my home in grey, but it is a nice way to avoid a massive amount of black in a room with, well, a lot of black. The bird cushion and the round velvet cushion are already in my possession, and I think the rectangular one at the bottom will be too when it’s available to buy.

July 6, 2013

Feeling Blue

Posted in Colour Crush, Couture

Dress: ? | Shoes: Secret Shop | Hairbows: Forever 21 | Bracelet: Angelic Pretty | Socks: Metamorphose | Bag: Angelic Pretty

A simple casual blue coord! I found the dress at Closet Child but it was ages ago and I can’t remember which label it was from – I’d, however, very much like to own it. It reminds me of a dress handed down to me as a child from my older cousin, although, if I am not terribly wrong, it was striped.

March 31, 2013

Peppermint Hearts

Posted in Colour Crush, Couture

Top: Ellos, Bag: Metamorphose, Velour Hoodie: Juicy Couture, Sunglasses: Ebay, Trousers/Bloomers: Ebay, Socks: Angelic Pretty, Sneakers: Adidas.

As bold as it might be I would totally wear this – ok, so perhaps not all items combined at once, but the trousers/bloomers as well as the sneakers may very well come and live in my wardrobe. Yes.

March 5, 2013

(Green) Tea Time

Wallpaper: Retro Villa, Poster: Davrepigerne by Aage Sikker Hansen, Cakecutter: Rice, Tea Infuser: ?, Tin: Froy & Dind, Tart Candle: Liberty of London, Teacups: Swedish Grace, Cake Stand: Leila’s General Store, Table: Åhlens

I’m feeling green at the moment — well, not really in the sense of being a beginner, but rather that I have a feeling that I could do with some more green nuances in my home. The wallpaper above is pretty, but I am quite pleased with the wallcoverings I have already chosen — the poster on the other hand brings back childhood memories from my grandmothers’ home (she had a lithograph of this) but after she passed away it ended up with my favourite aunt and my father got another one Kaffepigen, which I have already claimed for my sitting room. This leaves me with the option of trying to find green but smaller accessories for my home, and I think cushions and curtains will do the trick!

January 14, 2013