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Dolce & Gabbana Ortensia Collection

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Ortensia collection features everything, I really do mean everything, you’ll need in a wardobe: dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, shorts, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, bathing suits, bikinis, high heels, slippers, sandals, clogs, ballerinas, hats, scarves, handbags, and every accessory possible; all save for socks, boots, underwear and gloves. While having hydrangeas emblazoned everywhere can perhaps be a bit much {although monochrome outfits were all the rage last autumn, so why not go for a ‘mono’-print one?} the individual pieces are gorgeous and would make a marvellous addition to any outfit. Above and below are some of my favourites.

See Dolce & Gabbana’s special feature here.

Pictures from Dolce & Gabbana, Farfetch, Matches Fashion, My Theresa, and Net-a-Porter.

May 28, 2017

{Lovely Label} N2 Les Nereides – Mon Potager & Moi

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Duo of Cherries Long Necklace | Ladybird on Pink Mushroom Long Necklace | Fearful Caterpillar Ring | Panic-stricken Carrot Clip Earrings | All Smiles Radish Necklace | Hidden Little Radish Ring | All Smiles Radish Ring | Trio of Radishes, Shovel and Watering Can Bracelet | Funny Seeds of Bean Earrings | Little Watering Can and Flowerpot Ring

Yet another fun and fabulous jewellery collection from N2 Les Néréides: Mon Potager & Moi {I believe it means ‘My Kitchen Garden & Me’}. The brand has taken its inspiration from the expressive eyes and mouths of 1930s cartoon characters and combined those with the vegetables and fruits usually found in a garden. Judging by the collage above it perhaps goes without saying that the radish is my favourite character among them.

See the entire collection here.

March 14, 2017

Sweet Treats

Posted in Couture, Shopping

Sometime ago I wrote about N2 Les Nereides The Candy Store jewellery collection and while I absolutely adored the pieces I never bought anything; as the prices were a bit on the steep side — until now that is. Everything is finally on sale, for more than half off! So I decided to treat myself to some candy critters for my birthday. Unfortunately not all items are in stock any longer and I missed out on my favourite, the “Multi Candies and Big Chain Necklace”. I did, however, manage to get my grabby hands on the “Pink Meringue Long Necklace” and the “Marshmallow and Charms Necklace”, which I will wear together as a tiered necklace.

February 22, 2017

{Lovely Label} Cath Kidston – Early Spring 2017: Pretty Painted Pansies

Large Painted Pansies Umbrella | Pretty Pansies Desktop Notepad | Large Painted Pansies Smart Make-Up Bag | Pretty Pansies Sticky Notes | Large Painted Pansies Mug | Large Painted Pansies Quilted Purse | Large Painted Pansies Embossed Occasion Clutch | Large Painted Pansies Trimmed Tote | Pretty Pansies Chunky Pen | Large Painted Pansies Rubber Watch | Large Painted Pansies Formal Pumps

I really adore Cath Kidston‘s designs and I absolutely love pansies, so I think now it’s finally time for me to make my first purchase from Cath Kidston, don’t you?

February 12, 2017

{Lovely Label} Rice – Today Is Fun…

(All pictures from Rice.)

Rice recently released the catalogue for their new Spring Summer 2017 collection called: Today Is Fun… They seem to have abandoned their earlier concept of a specific colour theme for each new collection, but this time around there are quite a lot of green, pink and yellow items – so perhaps there is a little thought behind the colour choices anyway.

Above are some of the things I like the best. Since my new home has a little garden I’m definitely putting the parasol (fun patterned parasols are so hard to find, at least in my neck of the woods) as well as the flower bird bath (though in pink – yes – most flowers in my garden are pink it seems, so this’ll be a fun match) on my wishlist for the warmer season.

My absolute favourite is the coloured kitchen foil! It makes dull kitchen activities a bit more bright and fun, other than that it has no other function than regular aluminum foil, as one would hope considering its higher price. And you know the drill by now: Miss Quirky likes it, Miss Quirky buys it. ;P

See their entire online catalogue here.

February 4, 2017

Cherry Picks #5

Flamboyant Footwear

Flamenco (Pink) | Blushing Bird (Orange) | Blushing Bird (Green) | Roseus (Black) | Blushing Bird (Cream)

Irregular Choice makes the most darling shoes, unfortunately too much so because I can never make up my mind which pair to get–when I finally do they’re sold out. The last few seasons they have figurine shaped heels and I knew I wanted one of those–after all there has been bunnis, unicorns, garden gnomes, star wars characters, bride & groom, pandas, deer, dinosaurs, and lambs and more–but neither was quite what I were looking for… until now: flamingo-shaped heels! Perfection!

Colourful Closets

@mylifeincolors_ | Rommy De Bommy

Above are photos from the blogs (ok, instagram and blog) of two very colourful ladies (from Belgium and the Netherlands respectively), both with wardrobes that make me green with envy! So much colour and fabulousness words fail me–and I usually have a lot of words to go around. ;) @mylifeincolors_ has a collection of brightly coloured Chanel bags that is to die for and Rommy De Bommy uses her entire bedroom as a walk-in-closet (with a bed in the middle)! Go visit them, why don’t you?!

{Lovely Label} Cath Kidston – Spring 2016

Daisy Bed Foldaway Backpack | Meadow Boxed Silk Shawl | Garden Bird Timer | Garden Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers | Bee Pin Cushion | Chelsea Flowers Dolly Cross Body Bag | Highgate Rose Breakfast Cup & Saucer | Highgate Rose Sugar Bowl | Highgate Rose Tea Pot

The signature colour for Cath Kidston is red, as mentioned many times before: not a favourite of mine, and perhaps it’s not a surprise that I’m a bit giddy for her spring collection as it doesn’t feature an overwhelming amount of red (on some items there is none other than the logo)! Yay!

{Lovely Label} Erstwilder

Happy Feet Brooch | Bronte and Bub Brooch | Attempted Flamboyance Brooch | Around the World Brooch

Australian jewellery label Erstwilder have recently made some adorable additions to their collection. The ones above are my favorites. The flamingos seem to have turned in to a permanent family member, just in a new guise every time – perhaps it’s time to consider collecting the Erstwilder flamingos?!

Pansy-print Purses

Wallet | Pouch | Mini Purse

Cute Japanese brand Chocoholic (the name alone is sweet, don’t you think?) have just come out with a set of pansy-printed purses and somehow I am fairly sure they will end up with me, as I do after all adore violets and pansies.

February 18, 2016