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{Lovely Label} Rice – Go for the Fun and Wallpaper!

The always fun and colourful brand Rice (one of my favourites, but I suspect you already know that) are out with yet another gorgeous array of home decorating items, coming spring 2016. The Go for the Fun collection features a bit more muted and retro style colours than usual and… I love them! Quirky meets 1940s!

Some of my favourites from the spring-summer collection:

  1. Glitter lampshades, enough said really–you can’t go wrong with glitter anything, as far as I am concerned. I just wish these shades came in, well, different shades! I’d love to have one in green or lilac.
  2. The floral embroidery print on the plate/tray reminds me of Atsuko Matsuyama‘s Colourful Flower Stitch fabric, one that I might just have had to add to my fabric stash… and that just ought to mean that I need the Rice things in this print too, yes? :)
  3. And aren’t these trinket boxes just adorable?! I especially love the whale one, but one question remains: do I go for light blue or gold?

See their entire online catalogue here.

Everyday Magic Wallpaper

Rice also launched a wallpaper collection in October, together with Dutch Eijffinger (perhaps most famous for their collaborations with another Dutch brand, Pip Studio). I especially love the blue birds on the green background (for the bedroom maybe?) and the aqua gingham print would be supersweet in my kitchen!

(All pictures from Rice.)

December 8, 2015

{Lovely Label} Antique Fabrics Pinks

Antique Fabrics Pinks is a fabric shop and a fabric brand from Osaka in Japan. It’s owner and founder Chiho Natani started out selling vintage fabrics in 1997 and then added her own fabric designs as well to her shop. Most things and designs feature a very very bright pink, and though I am not usually a fan of pink, I don’t really mind it. In addition to fabrics and matching habedashery she also makes and sells lovely DIY kits; so you can recreate her adorable designs in everything from mini quilts, pouches, purses, wreaths, hairbows, and much more cutness! Personally I, who adore mini quilts, might have gone absolutely gaga and bought a whole bunch of those kits… but to my defense it will be a long and cold winter, in which I can definetly warm and brighten (literally, the pink is close to fluorescent) my world with those quilt kits!

On the website Chiho Natani also shares her 20 years of sewing experience in the shape of {currently} three chapters of sewing tutorials.

I’d recommend using a Japanese shopping service to be able to purchase all the lovely fabrics and DIY kits but a selection is also available directly to overseas buyers from their international shop.

What do you think? Adorable or a bit too bright?

August 13, 2015

{Lovely Label} Lena Hoschek

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“In my mind’s eye I’m lying with my sweetheart on a checked blanket in a fragrant meadow of flowers and popping cherries in my mouth”. – Lena Hoschek



lenahoschek_rose_dressI recently came across this gorgeous sugary sweet collection from Austrian designer Lena Hoschek. The colours are just stunning and the details are fabulous, just look at the cute bow-covered Marshmallow dress above! My absolute favourite, I must say, although the sorbet-coloured Lollipop dress does come at a very close second place. It would be quite easy to be inspired to create something similar to the Marshmallow dress: item of clothing (such as a skirt, dress, jacket or such; I suppose something a bit less elastic would be easier to work with) + lots and lots of bows = instant couture, for those who like me are sewing impaired. ;)

I think the jewel in Lena Hoschek’s Picnic collection though must be the Rose dress (picture to the left) in all it’s ruffle-y (that surely must be a proper word!) satin floral glory. Needless, perhaps, to say that it was only sold made-to-order. I don’t think it was intended to but it would make a stunning wedding dress; no bouquet needed as you’ll practically be wearing it. Note: She in fact also designs wedding dresses and traditional Tyrolean Dirndl wear.

“The collection is inspired by picnics, romance and summer” featuring pastel shades and and draws inspirations from 50s feminine silhouttes. It does not – despite featuring florals, ginghams, bows, ruffles, and lace – come across as chaotic and too girly but rather simple and elegant.

You can find packshots of the entire collection (the shoes too) as well as publicity photos at the press center. Though the Picnic collection was released last year, do not despair as some items are still available at the webshop and on sale too! ^_^

Now I am off to make myself a big stash of bows, as those clearly have a potential for future projects!

July 19, 2015

{Lovely Label} Trashy Diva Clothing

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Turquoise Floral Doris Middy Dress | Crepe Myrtle Ashley Dress | Cherries L’Amour Dress

Aren’t these dresses stunning?! I am contemplating a future purchase of a dress (in 1930s-1940s style) and these are my top picks, but the Turquoise Floral is definetly in the lead! I mean it is turquoise and it is floral – just my cup of tea! -_^ It doesn’t hurt either that there are matching accessories available as well. Go have a look at the colourful coords on Trashy Diva’s Blog.

August 14, 2014

{Lovely Label} Curly Collection

Have you heard about Curly Collection before? It was created in 1984 by an Japanese-American woman called Yachiyo Graham – at the beginning it was a small shop offering cute American-style clothing, influenced by vintage fabrics, for both mother and child, but later on along with a name change from Kids Monster to Curly Collection they came to sell both craft supplies as well as vintage fabrics. Today Curly Collection offers the most adorable accessories, kits to make your own, haberdashery, and fabrics, mostly all original and adorable designs by Yachiyo Graham herself. (Source)

I came across Curly Collection looking for pretty fabrics, trims, and buttons to add to my stash – stored in what is known as my “candy cupboard“… because you know a closet filled with cute craft supplies is almost as yummy as a candy shop. -_^ I find that just having a bunch of things ready for creating with really gives a lot of inspiration. Do you have a “candy cupboard”?

You can find their lovely things in both their own webshop as well as okiedokie (Rakuten) – unfortunately you need a shopping service to shop from either of them, although I think it was worth spending that extra money as I have never seen anything like these items anywhere else before. My next purchase from them will definetly be some more tulle trim (seen on the turtle pouch above) as well as one or two of the adorable bag charms/key chains below.

Do you like Curly Collection? Do you have a craft supply stash (a.k.a. a “candy cupboard”)?

July 4, 2014