Cherry Picks #2

Miu Miu Running Sneakers

I’d love these hand embellished running sneakers from Miu Miu. I’m not picky about the colour – just send me any pair! They’re all gorgeous!!

Pretty Patterns

Ranunculus | Pyrex | Tiny Posies

Three pretty patterns from Angie Sandy that I wish were made in to fabric… I’d definetly buy those!

Yummy Yarn

For once this isn’t one of my silly word plays! The yarn is actually called Yummy… ok, DMC Natura Yummy to be exact and it comes in 16(!) lovely colours. I’m definetly going to get all the colours… as soon as they are for sale somewhere near me.

Bag Stickers

Left: Skinnydip | Right: Anya Hindmarch

Bag stickers where made in to fashion this year by Anya Hindmarch and are a fun way to spruce up a bag… Anya Hindmarch’s stickers are real leather and thus are quite pricey £35-55, but fear not as British brand Skinnydip have borrowed the idea and made similar one out of faux leather with a far more pleasing price tag: £3-10. I like the eye stickers from Anya Hindmarch but the Skinnydip colours are more fun.

May 25, 2015
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