Cherry Picks #4

{Fabric Fancy} Atsuko Matsuyama Original 30s Print

Mint Ribbon Flower | Mint ミニスカラップ | Purple Flower Stitch | Purple ミニスカラップ | Purple Stich Collage | Purple Vintage Flower

Gorgeous original unnamed 30s print by Japanese fabric designer Atsuko Matsuyama. The links above go to the fabrics available at her webshop (the fabric series comes in other colours too by the way), which unfortunately doesn’t ship outside of Japan making it neccessary to use a shopping service. I do not speak Japanese and had to use Google translate to figure out the names of the designs, hence the weird titles and one (two) untranslated, as translator wanted to call them ‘Miniskirt’ which made no sense at all to me. :/

Bottlebrush Trees

Raining Sheep | Bre Pea | craft:nosis | coco + kelley | craftyminx | vitamini handmade | beelori1

Aren’t these little decorative trees adorable?! Apparently very popular and common in other parts of the world than mine, that is, as I’ve never seen anything like them before. I can definetly see the potential cuteness of a little miniature christmas tree forest… maybe for next Christmas. Note to self: need miniature trees and LOTS of glitter! One can never have too much glitter! :)

{Fabric Fancy} Vintage Noel

Vintage Noel by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics

While I do love decorating for Christmas I’m not a big fan of the generic red fabrics and ornaments; I (a bit surprising perhaps, as I usually voice my dislike for the colour the rest of the year) rather fancy pink and other pastel colours when it comes to Christmas. The above fabric line does feature some red but those fabrics can easily be skipped (though a little red is ok as far as I am concerned), whilst still getting enough choices to create a sweet mix between the prints and other colours.

Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace Ballerina Flats

Dolce & Gabbana Rainbow Lace Collection

I can’t help but wonder how anyone would ever be able to choose a pair? The colours all look amazing… together! :)

Wu & Wu

Wu & Wu | Wu & Wu Facebook | Fiona Hewitt | Classic Hardware (Designs by Fiona Hewitt)

Illustrator Fiona Hewitt finds her inspiration from old propaganda posters and Chinese advertisements adding her own crazy cute kitschy twist to her drawings. All items above are from Wu & Wu save for the Snailor(!) necklace, which comes from Classic Hardware.

A rather diverse collection of cherry picks this time, don’t you think? ;)

December 18, 2015
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