Crazy Coord or Aomoji-kei?

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Velour Hoodie: Juicy Couture, Rings: Angelic Pretty, Hair (Bow) Combs: Metamorphose, Rosette Brooch: Nile Perch, Skirt: Angelic Pretty, Bag: Miu Miu, Shoes: Secret Shop/Angelic Pretty, Socks: Angelic Pretty.

This coord started out as an attempt to pair the most unlikely things in my Lolita fashion collection together, but after reading the definition of Aomoji-kei it no longer seems that impossible to wear these things together:

  • Find mismatching clothes. Clashing prints or strange colour combinations will work (for example, gingham and floral or navy and neon pink)
  • Get mismatching accessories (mixing up your metals, anything peculiar like a fly necklace, patterned head bow, etc)
  • Go out and wear your outfit without caring about whether it matches or not. If you do check yourself once and decide to change, you’re defeating the purpose!

(Source: White + Rose)

So what do you think? Crazy Coord or Aomoji-kei? What would your crazy coord be like?

March 15, 2013
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