Donut Delight

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1. Laptop/iPad Sleeve: Odd Future 15″, 13″, iPad | 2. Brooch: Cake Love (Taobao) | 3. Brooch: Dee + Ricky | 4. Socks: Living Royal | 5. Purse: Kate Spade | 6. Rings: Candies | 7. Sunglasses: Gasoline Glamour | 8. Watch: Dress ‘N Dazzle | 9. iPad Mini Case: Manish Arora | 10. Bracelet: Angelic Pretty

Lately I have been fancying brighter colours than I usually do. It all started when I happened upon Manish Arora’s Autumn-Winter collection – if you haven’t seen it I suggest you go check it out at his website! Crazy candy patterns in bright colours. Speaking of sweet treats there are quite a number of accessories (and clothes too for that matter) featuring donuts available at the moment. For me the fascination with donuts began with Angelic Pretty’s Melty Cream Donut print that was released last year. (My interest in wearing them that is, I already liked eating them earlier than that! -_^) I did get the jewellery but I am regretting not buying any clothes, but somehow I suspect it’s not the last donut print ever to be released. Of the things above I’d love to own one of the watches (#8), not that I wear watches a lot, but the “plastic fantastic”-ness of them along with the fact that they are scented puts them high up on my wishlist!

Kate Spade | Kling

So do you like donuts? Wearing them, eating them, or both – or not at all?

July 7, 2014
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    I absolutely love donuts!!!!!

    November 29, 2015 at 08:14
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