Dorothy Draper

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I suppose that you are already aware of my adoration for Dita Van Teese’s home which incorporates a multitude of early 20th century design styles, amongst those Hollywood Regency – an ultra glamourous hotel-inspired style. And Hollywood Regency or rather one of it’s figureheads, Dorothy Draper is the theme for this post. In the 1930s she coined “Modern Baroque”, a bold, colourful and eccentric take on decorating – that would then become known as Hollywood Regency.

For Draper, [b]eige was a dirty word. (Source)

She made it her task to turn boring into glamour, excitement, and charm; which all really hit home (I know!) with the housewives, and in 1939 she published a book on decorating named Decorating Is Fun.

House decorating wasn’t her only talent though; she also knew how to be a popular hostess (and released another book on that topic) as well as designed cars, including a pink polka dot truck! (Source)

Some basic points from her decorating style:

  • Bold and unexpected mixes of bright colours – and a lot of Kelly green.
  • Tropical leaves and floral chintz.
  • Large prints and broad stripes.
  • Black and white patterns.
  • Glossy finishes.
  • Chandeliers.
  • Ornate mirrors.
  • Romantic, whimsical, and/or oversized furniture.
  • Luxurious materials, such as satin and fur. (Source)

Oh, and a little cool sidenote: my header font ‘Apricot’ looks alot like Dorothy Draper’s logo. :) Next time: My take on Hollywood Regency. Yes. Another moodboard. ;)

(Pictures found here, here, and here.)

September 14, 2013
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