Fendi Autumn-Winter 2016

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Fendi’s autumn-winter collection is all about waves and ruffles! In addition to the familiar use of fur, that Fendi have made their thing–other than that it’s all about the waves and ruffles. Now it should be said that I do appreciate the flouncy frills–except on the heels of the shoes, where the frothy decorations looked very out of place and like something extremely likely to loose shape and tear with wear.

The Fendi Peekaboo bag has been on my wishlist for quite some time now and the fact that it will most likely be released in velvet this coming season only moves it higher up on the scale of would-like-to-have to can’t-live-without. Would said velvet also happen to come in an un-patterend plain coloured version… Ah.

I do adore the idea of matching monochrome foot- and legwear in a bright colour. Black stockings with black footwear is a common choice but turquoise socks with turquoise shoes is an entirely different story, as is the idea (see top right photo) of wearing vivid colours at the lower part of the body and plain black for the rest of the outfit. I definitely like it!

What I love the most about Fendi’s autumn-winter collection is the odd but cute, yet still very much stylish, way of combining colours! Especially how it’s done with navy blue. You see, after wearing mostly black (as a neutral base colour) for years I sometimes feel like I should try constructing my outfits on another foundation colour, atleast in the summer when black tends to be a tad too dark. The natural choice for me would be a dark blue as, well, I like blue and simply because whites, greys and beiges are not at all for me. The idea of using navy and combining it with the lighter colour, such as golden poppy, coral pink, melon, turquoise and ice blue, is a very clever way of making a fairly dark wardrobe seem sunny and summery.

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March 21, 2016
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