Fendi Spring-Summer 2017

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I’ve been terribly slow at posting and unfortunately due to this I never got around to writing about my favourite collection from the fashion week(s) – taking place in September last year(!) – but here it finally is: Fendi Spring-Summer 2017. The collection is wonderful mix between almost military style prints in the form of the classic Fendi stripes and khaki with floral leather embellishments, inspired by palatial plasterwork; 1920s-style lingerie in sorbet colours, apron-style skirts and dresses at times leaving very little to the imagination; floral brocades paired with the futuristic and currently very on-trend athletic wear, in the shape of rugby-striped knit booties and sneakers – all combined in to what was referred to as techno rococo, influenced by Capodimonte porcelain and a modern day Marie Antoinette, according to Karl Lagerfeld.

My absolute favourite item from this collection is the Kan I bag with the scalloped edges (the Kan I debuted already in the current resort collection, but it doesn’t feature the scallops, and it’s all about those) – so cute yet still very contemporary. I’m already saving up for it, so I’ll be ready for when everything arrives at the shops at the end of March. The big question is which colour to get? So far I can tell it’ll come in pink (not for me), black (with gold hardware, which is also not for me), light blue, and white. Surprisingly enough the white one is my favourite so far – it kind of looks like stylised lace, which greatly appeals to me, and let’s face it – it can after all be dressed up with charms and straps!

Speaking of charms; aren’t the pineapple ones (although they look more like raspberries to me) just darling? I’m also contemplating one of those, but the bag is my first priority – so budget allowing maybe there’ll be a pineapple-raspberry in my future too. The pineapples come in aqua and yellow (seen above) as well as pink, orange, blue, and white (not pictured in this post).

Fendi also debuted other, smaller, charms called the ABClick, which are already available – in gold-coloured metal, and I’m here hoping to see some silver further on. ;)

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So what did you think of Fendi’s Spring-Summer collection?

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January 30, 2017
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