Floral Style

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Photos from Vintage Home.

This. This is my cup of tea: floral style. Floral fabrics. Paintings of flowers. Floral rugs. Well, florals all over – and add vintage to that, preferably 1920s-1940s vintage. There isn’t a room in my home without flowery decorations in some sort — honestly, all rooms but one have floral wallpaper. Flowers go so well with flowers! Did that make any sense at all? What I mean is that when it comes to decorating with florals colours sort of doesn’t really count — it’s all flowery and that is the entire point. Just have a look at this blog: Vintage Home. Isn’t it just so pretty and inspiring?

A very fabulous example of modern floral style is the kitchen of Charlotte Gueniau (the creative mind behind Rice) — she blogs by the way. A bright and happy room I say.

February 15, 2013
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