Home Sweet Home

I finally got it! A home in the countryside, just like I mentioned back in January, actually in the village that I moved from some years ago, and only two doors down from where I spent my first three years in life. Ooh, the horror — some of you lovely readers might think, but I am pleased as punch that I’m at last where my heart always was. I am trading in (well, selling) my third floor apartment for a slightly bigger townhouse cottage(?) apartment (meaning my own little house although with a wall-to-wall nextdoor neighbour) where I even get a little bit of a garden and a whole lot more peace and quiet. I am positively itching to get moved in and start decorating, but there is a renovation to be done before I can do that, so for now (until the autumn) I’ll have to settle for making plans and collages. {Not that it truly means settling for me as I already have a tendency of massproducing those…}

The garden is located at the back of the house and in the only flowerbed there is peonies, roses, tulips and chives(!) are growing. I am planning on adding {lots of} violets and pansies, but also some black hollyhocks (won’t that be cool?), some flowering bushes, but most of all a wooden deck to spend my summer days on.

As for the inside: I liked a lot of the ideas I had for my first apartment and I will re-use several of those {including some wallpaper choices} this time too, but it will be a fair amount of new ideas as well; after all I’ve learned a couple of things along the way too, and this apartment has another {little} room for me to decorate: the laundry room (my own).

So, there might be a few less posts for a while to come, but now you know the reason why. :)

May 29, 2016
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