Jeremy Scott Autumn-Winter 2015

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With his autumn-winter collection for 2015 Jeremy Scott sort of combines the cutesy nursery styles of Meadham Kirchhoff’s spring-summer 2012 candycotton pastel madness (just look at the pink coat, above to the right) with his own usual bright and colourful pop style and manages to produce a whole bunch of actually wearable clothes and accessories — that said, obviously, all his clothes are can be worn but some are a bit too over the top for everyday styles.

While I adore the sweet colours and the cute prints there is also a lot of inspiration to be found among these pictures – for instance the use of plain but brighly coloured tights. They really give the outfits a subtle punch and I think that could work with both Lolita, retro, and contemporary styles.

If you know me then you probably also know that I like quilted… well, anything quilted really. The coat and handbag are very sweet but simple and I can definetly see the potential in getting some pre-quilted fabrics for my stash; Antique Fabric Pinks (which I wrote about recently) sell some of their bright 70s style prints pre-quilted, as do Itoya, who carries everything from polkadots to Sanrio prints pre-quilted of course.

Since Meadham Kirchoff have had their demise it’s great to see another designer not conform to fashion but rather to stick to a particular style. The silhouettes are quite simple – babydoll cuts with a 40s twist – and showcases the adorable 70s style nursery prints instead; paint splatters, teddybears, ducks, elephants, hippos, and mushrooms. Ok, not all are cute; there are in fact a bunch of double nosed three-eyed teddybears that I conveniently left out… looking at them makes me feel cross-eyed! :P Have a look yourself if you’d like.

All pictures from except the totebag one, which comes from

August 25, 2015
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