{Lovely Label} Rice – Today Is Fun…

(All pictures from Rice.)

Rice recently released the catalogue for their new Spring Summer 2017 collection called: Today Is Fun… They seem to have abandoned their earlier concept of a specific colour theme for each new collection, but this time around there are quite a lot of green, pink and yellow items – so perhaps there is a little thought behind the colour choices anyway.

Above are some of the things I like the best. Since my new home has a little garden I’m definitely putting the parasol (fun patterned parasols are so hard to find, at least in my neck of the woods) as well as the flower bird bath (though in pink – yes – most flowers in my garden are pink it seems, so this’ll be a fun match) on my wishlist for the warmer season.

My absolute favourite is the coloured kitchen foil! It makes dull kitchen activities a bit more bright and fun, other than that it has no other function than regular aluminum foil, as one would hope considering its higher price. And you know the drill by now: Miss Quirky likes it, Miss Quirky buys it. ;P

See their entire online catalogue here.

February 4, 2017
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