Paris {Day 2}

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Our second day in Paris turned out to be a public holiday – Assomption (Assumption of Mary to Heaven) – we worried that a lot would be closed because of this, and so we planned to visit the larger tourist attractions that day. First off to the Eiffel Tower… but not before eating a crêpe with nutella (actually the first crêpe I had on this holiday).

Next on our travel itinerary was the always open (so we were told) Le Marais where we had lunch – Croque-monsieur again! Well, it was delicious when we first had it – and we couldn’t quite figure out the menu. The proclaimed shopping district turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for us, so we decided to go to Montmartre again – but first a stop at the very extravagant Ladurée for macarons. We picked three flavours each, mine being being a very floral theme: violet, rose, and orange blossom (my favourite). Mum went for the far more traditional pistachio, lemon, and vanilla.

Montmartre was as very crowded and perhaps a little extra more so on this public holiday. Despite promising mum I wouldn’t buy something as silly as an Eiffel Tower souvenir I ended up with a garish metallic blue crystal adorned miniature tower! I say when going for something distasteful go all out – it might even be so ugly that it’s pretty to behold because of that.

Our final attraction of the day ended up being the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, up to which we took the cable car (Funiculaire de Montmarte) and from there we admired the spectacular view of Paris. All to the young street musician’s take on Jeff Buckley’s Halleluljah.

We decided to treat ourselves on this last night by eating out at a resturant (an Italian one nonetheless) before going back to our hotel, and there preparing for our return home the following day.


October 2, 2012
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