Stella McCartney Autumn-Winter 2016

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Last but definietly not least: Stella McCartney! Her autumn-winter collection is the biggest surprise among my favourites this year, as this is in fact the first time designs have caught my eye! But with oversized cosy knitted hanky hem dresses adorned with ruffles it’s a sure win with me. She also paired these somewhat unstructured soft items with sharp plissé flares and pointy flats creating a contemporary but comfy look–which is something I very much would like to manage. You know, accomplishing looking stylish without compromising on comfortability–no pain, no gain has never really been my thing.

  1. Stella McCartney, just like many of her fellow designers, embraced the ruffles and frills trend… whole-heartedly! :)
  2. Her oversized knits got a bit of a negative review (Vogue called them “on the shapeless side”) but they have some potential for us plus size girls!
  3. Quilted velvet puffer jackets. Padded, fluffy, quilted jackets will be very in fashion this coming autumn-winter season and while a feature at many of the runways no one else but Stella McCartney thought to make them in a luxe velvet style.
  4. Clothes and accessories adorned with swans, which Vogue thought “came off somewhat juvenile” (Vogue: Stella McCartney AW Review), but I think are amazing – some animal print or motif is usually a trend each season (as far as I can tell flamingos are the it bird of the moment) – and swans are a novel and slightly more classy alternative to come.

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April 21, 2016
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