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Puffin Perfect Outfit

Lindybop Hillary Tea Dress (Plus Size) | Monki Pompom Beret | Fendi Kan I Bag | Evans Velour Hoodie (Plus Size) | Erstwilder Ollie the Brave Brooch | Emily Temple Cute Glitter Ballet Shoes

A puffin print dress! How awesomely adorable is that?! I knew the moment I saw it that I just had to create an outfit around it. A stylish retro lady with a Little Miss Quirky-twist. For those who prefer a more classic {if an outfit featuring a puffin print dress could ever be called that} retro/otome approach the velour hoodie can easily be replaced with a cute cardigan, but I’m sticking to ‘classic’ Little Miss Quirky-style and and going with the velour. As the weather is not warm enough yet {unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere it’s summer in February} to allow for bare legs a pair of pretty tights will complete the look.

February 16, 2017

Wild for Erstwilder!

Posted in Couture, Shopping

Have you seen the cute and quirky brooches from Erstwilder?! I first spotted them over at Betty Le Bonbon, and rediscovered them at Junebugs and Georgia Peaches.

They have so many pretty styles to choose from, and sadly many are limited edition, so you’ll have to make up your mind quickly… which is not my greatest virtue. You can probably tell, from my wishlist above, that I have a big thing for birds, and so the one I settled on was Donavon Duck which features a cheerily bright yellow duck… wearing wellingtons! How adorable isn’t that?! You can see him to the left.

Erstwilder’s own website doesn’t carry the brooches instead it only features their current catalogue and you’ll have to make your purchase from one of their stockists (here’s a list of their stockists) or you can have a go at finding them (their previous styles) on eBay. I purchased my brooch from Erstwilder’s only stockist in Europe: Kitty-Kat Accessories, which was a pleasure to shop from!

Now I am debating whether to get the Flamboyant Flamingo Funk or Sylvia Snail next! Although the Ferris Fairy Blue Penguin is a strong contender too. Ah, decisions, decisions. Which one(s) do you like the best?

June 24, 2014