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5 Pairs of Fabulous Footwear

Posted in Couture

  1. Miu Miu Wedges — I love the whimsical maritime-themed wedges from Miu Miu’s spring-summer collection (unfortunately not many of the styles seen on the runway are available {yet} in the shops), although they look quite impossible to wear.
  2. Miu Miu Platform Ballerinas — Miu Miu’s ballerinas with a little bit of a platform sole, however, look very wearable. The style also gives a great big nod to the footwear fashion of the late 1990’s, which I personally loved.
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Terry Cloth Slippers — It can’t get much comfier this season than a pair of stretchy terry cloth hotel-style Dolce & Gabbana slippers.
  4. Fendi Rockoko Booties — These booties are a fun cross between Victorian boots and sporty socks, but don’t look very comfortable at all {their sneaker counterpart does however}, but they sure look gorgeous.
  5. Dior J’aDior Ballerinas — Yet another pair of pretty shoes, this time from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection for Dior. I especially love the logo ribbons.
March 20, 2017

Slipper Shoes

Posted in Little Miss Quirky

Photos from Fendi.

Fendi’s pre-fall collection consists of daywear nightwear; i.e. pyjamas, nighties, robes and slippers! It looks terribly cosy and comfy – especially the shoes, which are more like platform slippers really – while perhaps not being the easiest to coordinate in a daily outfit. If I was to pick a pair, then the (bottom right) navy/black ones are the cutest in my opinion.

What do you think? Wear the slippers out of the house, or keep them in the bedroom?

July 13, 2016