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Mum is in a bit of a patchwork frenzy at the moment, and showed me a gorgeous fabric collection called Veranda that she was planning on ordering some fabrics from… as this would look absolutely stunning in my kitchen, as previously mentioned styled in aqua and raspberry, I did not hesitate to add a couple of metres myself to that order. The print in the middle of the above picture is my choice for kitchen curtains, and the other fabrics will be made in to accents (on the curtains) and accessories (potholders, tablecloths, and seat cushions). I just hope it’ll all match my choice of wallpaper for the kitchen — but then again I tend to mismatch everything, so perhaps I am better off calling that my style!

The designer of the fabric has made several other collections previously and among those I found another favourite as well: Tea Cakes — which I think will look cute in the shape of cushions and throws on my balcony as spring and summer comes. I am particularly fond of the multi-coloured polkadot print.

February 8, 2013
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